Dafeng harvest Pre A round of investment mode is similar to an acre of land


] January 8th news billion state power network, the day before, the agricultural B2B platform "harvest" announced that it has received in November 2015 Pre-A round of investment, investment capital as Xianfeng Huaxing and 1000, the amount of investment has not yet been announced. It is reported that the harvest company was formally established in March 2015, focused on agricultural products B2B field, aims to provide a richer quality agricultural product information exchange and transaction services for the origin of the source and docking of the wholesale market.  


bumper harvest App screenshot


big harvest, "great harvest" on the one hand, will be released from agricultural information of agricultural products to the market, the other end is connected with the current market demand information of agricultural products, agricultural products from production to solve by the flow of the market a lot of information asymmetry, hope more convenient and efficient trade of agricultural products.

harvest CEO Miao Tian ye think, big data can be generated by the big harvest trading platform, promote the transformation of the origin by the "high input" to "fine investment", change from "high" to "output", make agricultural production more planning, more economic value.

According to

billion state power network to understand, B2B platform is an acre of agricultural field had hoped that the origin of agricultural products digitization, but because of origin is too scattered, push people too much, the profit model is not clear and other reasons and eventually ran aground.

analysis of the industry said that an acre of land and a bumper harvest model is more similar, are to be directly linked to the origin and the wholesale market, eliminating the need for intermediate links. This is in line with industry trends, but also will face difficulties.

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