The Spring Festival Tmall not closing to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival as usual the

February 12th, Tmall announced that "the Spring Festival is not closing, the Tmall supermarket, we will try our best to protect electrical category in the National more than and 30 city commodity distribution service still does not stop, and the delivery fee as usual. Tmall is still committed to the next day.

Tmall supermarket next day courier delivery

if you haven’t bought food and drinks together during the Spring Festival, Tmall supermarket special purchases for the Spring Festival, online shopping and business as usual. In Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan 11 city, Tmall supermarket during the Spring Festival, the usual daily orders and distribution, can be realized on the next day, or in accordance with the requirements of consumers booking and distribution.

in July last year, Tmall supermarket has attempted delivery at the same time in the 11 city, the courier passing "garbage downstairs" service. This year Spring Festival lunar new year to the third distribution supermarket orders, the courier will be in the 11 city to pay New Year’s call and send shopping envelopes.

in addition to the above Tmall supermarket service area in the city, in February 15th 20:00—2 21 20:00 payment orders, Tmall supermarket since the beginning of the resumption of distribution.

In addition

, Chile cherries, food transit cats meow fresh green with Canada and other kinds of fresh lobster, in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Suzhou, Wuxi, Beijing, Tianjin 7 city, during the Spring Festival to enjoy the same day delivery service. Tmall private kitchen door service also is not closing, in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou continue to the fifth day of the new year. Spend at least 99 yuan can buy online lobster or lamb, please "Chef Chen five years" to buy Tai for you "burn", and global direct sourcing ingredients, the chef cooked a table will help you restore the kitchen, take away rubbish.

in order to support consumer holiday online shopping, the courier during the Spring Festival will be based on the amount of orders to stay. The merchant issued notices on the rookie network, need to express service businesses and consumers ahead of the best contact express outlets and courier, recommend the use of Chinese post, EMS, SF three staff on duty more adequate services, to ensure better aging. And all courier companies in February 25th, 26 to resume normal business.

business platform fun push without closing the service to the Spring Festival market, service competition has become the main electricity supplier wrestling show. Tmall President Wang Yulei had said: the essence of the future electricity supplier or return to the consumer experience." Try the year without closing the more display platform model can also use a strong supply chain and nationwide logistics system, to provide services to meet consumer demand.


all electric not closing year page announcement shows that during the Spring Festival (February 14th to February 26th), such as the buyer’s address in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou service area, Shenzhen, Hefei, Ji’nan, Kunming and other 28 city (189 counties), and the buyers in the day before 16:00 photographed and complete the payment, is expected to 24:00 the next day before delivery of the goods.

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