What do we see in the race

electricity business district initiated by the first electricity supplier circle competition in April 1, 2011 opened the curtain. The contest also attracted a large number of owners to participate, with the passage of time, more and more players participating. The fierce competition in the electricity supplier competition may become increasingly strong.


did not participate in the electricity supplier circle contest, but I am also very concerned about the ranking of the electricity supplier circle competition. Every game we all can learn a lot of experience, I think this is the true meaning of the game: the game to improve themselves, to promote the development of the industry with the game! So far, the game was over a month’s time, from these players participating site view I, analyzes several general techniques and experience, Yousai SEO today, out to share with everyone study.

first: what is it?

first of all, I think we are in the fight for resources, what is the so-called resources here refers to their own connections in the Internet, the wider the network, we start things easier and simpler. A most simple example, if you know the 50 station, the 50 station average each of the hands have a good site, then you can win 50 Links without too much effort, there are some possible intermediate links are one-way. This is the benefit of contacts.

then we should fight is an external link, because we have until now the importance of the chain for the rankings, so this is necessary to fight. The basic techniques and methods we are also clear, such as: blog promotion, forum signature, soft Wen release, link bait, purchase links, etc..

finally we fight is to adhere to. Every day you can adhere to the original article? If every day you can insist on writing an original article quality, until the end of the game, I believe you business website ranking will be very good. If you want to be effective, you must find a way to stick to it and do it!

second: what do we need to focus on?

first of all, I personally think that we should use reasonable means to compete fairly. Although the electricity supplier circle competition has not been to the point of white hot, but some of the so-called black hat gimmick has been evident, such as: Black chain. If the use of such a black hat to win the game lost the true meaning of the game. So I hope that we can use the orthodox way to participate in the game, so that the game is the end of the pure.

is also concerned about the number of the number of outside the chain, the chain of the chain, the chain of popularity, etc.. There is the original article adhere to write and publish.

although I am here to call this game fair, just and open, but I believe that the game will not be the last day anything will happen. The game will also be staged black, gray, white means together into the scene. But Qingzheziqing cloud those from the cloud, I hope everyone can have a correct attitude towards this.

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