When charging free of charge on the personalized domain name suffix depth analysis

today that ICANN personalized domain name suffix news, apparently some backward, at first, biz Asia, not to regard it as right, because info and Mobi are jumping up and down several times, eventually not what climate, but just a night, and finish off the news, not scared into a cold sweat.

below is my thinking about ICANN personalized domain name policy:

a real application is a suffix of the fundamental vitality

com or CN, or only in the home much is life, the likes of Biz putting in with fewer people, that there is consensus, no longer be

two, whether it is easy to apply a suffix can be a large number of real applications key


is suitable for practical application has at least the following factors:

1, whether the

composite habits of the audience, COM in the original Chinese is not used, is now gradually being known to the church newspaper TV network, get used to, but Chinese is more used,.Qq is not used I do not know

2, fashion, or love is human nature, practical industrial transformation to the fashion industry is the only way which must be passed for many industries (this is the professional, this is not long, com, CN) at three years you will not bother, how about thirty years? Who can say clearly, they are all the same, is the Chinese tunic suit or, are suit, is the Pentium, no more than, well now, bikinis out, costume out, dress up, gallop out, sex out, QQ out, Aoyun out, we will not compare, for a change, to catch up with the rhythm of the times


3, whether good registration, the establishment of a new company, a new website, domain name registration is good, can not be cheap, convenient to buy is also an important factor, couldn’t make things that will gradually become a price city market

three, the application cost has an important impact on the suffix vitality

this is the key to today.

costs include 1, conversion costs, the cost of registration of the 2, 3, the cost of maintenance.

1, conversion costs, has invested heavily in advertising companies is undoubtedly very high, they will not easily use the new suffix, such as Sina, Sohu and

2, registration costs, divided into two cases:

(1) 100 thousand -50 million dollars is the top personalized domain name set up fee, the strength of the enterprise is a drop in the bucket, for individuals and small businesses is astronomical. Said the first large enterprises, to have perfect personality estimation COM domain of large enterprises is not attractive to speak, but there is no way to obtain a perfect domain name is not good, such as the likes of ICBC (the world’s largest bank is now using a CN, immediately went to the United States.

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