Talk about the positioning strategy of riots caused by Taobao’s new deal

as of now at 7:30 a.m., the Taobao riot has been going on for 32 hours. In order to see the event personally, had left little in the YY group, the group gathered more than 30 thousand small sellers, listening to the host full of magnetic and very sensational sound, just one hour twenty minutes, Taobao brand explosion models. They began to Juhuasuan, Jobs’s autobiography became the first victim. Perhaps these shopkeepers also immersed in the short-lived pleasure, they did not think two days crazy return zero crazy blow to their Taobao store will be fatal.

[cause:] Taobao after raising the service fee and raise the margin from 10 thousand to 150 thousand, a lot of small sellers because of dissatisfaction with the policy of Taobao riots. They gathered tens of thousands of people on YY, specializing in the hands of big sellers. Taobao mall announced that it will not give up because of threats, intimidation, will adopt a zero tolerance attitude to the fake, in order to protect the quality of the mall. Alibaba chairman and CEO Ma said: "today in Chinese, difficult to do business, integrity to do business more difficult, hard to establish business trust system. But the choice must be done, this is where the hope lies! "

[Taobao] on the new deal on purpose of the new deal, a lot of people think it is money, there is every reason. Ma Yun is planning to acquire YAHOO in the United States, while YAHOO’s market value of more than $30 billion is undoubtedly a huge problem in front of Alibaba. Do not rule out Ma will want to quickly raise funds in this way, in order to achieve their big Taobao strategy. It’s not that simple. If the money should let more sellers come in, sellers more some more. Ma Yun’s ambition is far more than that. The most fundamental thing is the problem of enterprise product positioning.

has long been, Taobao is to attract a large number of cheap sellers and buyers, but people tend to equate cheap and poor quality. One of the biggest negative effect and cheap is the management difficulty, low threshold, dragons and fishes jumbled together. This can explain why Ma outside Taobao to a Taobao mall out, do high-end brand.

It can be concluded that the

, Taobao mall this essence is the structural adjustment of products, with the capital of this simple and direct sieve, put some weak sellers out, trying to get high quality gathered Taobao mall, and the strength of those businesses are not enough to be driven to Taobao. Improve the credibility of Taobao, and then change the quality of Taobao cheap positioning.

global positioning father Trout said that once the product positioning, it is difficult to change. Many global companies fail, Taobao could not escape the robbery. Although it is too early to say that failure, but to be sure, this adjustment is inevitable throes of Taobao.

as the saying, vulnerable groups most likely to be the initiator of violence. Users of this violence, it is out of their own interests damaged anger. Of course, does not rule out such Tencent Jingdong by opponents to take this opportunity to bring small sellers, against Taobao

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