Ali why the huge amount of shares intime or to O2O

Alibaba group think intime business group will integrate the advantages of resources, construct an open infrastructure system business online and offline, and open to the whole society, and ultimately help all department stores, shopping malls and other retail formats, two-way integration of business entities and the Internet economy. The two sides will also set up a joint venture to promote the construction of the system. Then the Alibaba at Alipay is to suppress the occasion where the purpose of investment? I horse analyse for you.


is a company intime


intime department store, intime department store group, is a department store retail business as the main business of the Department store. The group to achieve chain management, specialization, intensification as the goal, combined with the advantages of intime management innovation, business innovation, the implementation of brand strategy, formed with intime business and cultural characteristics of the large retail enterprise brand. The company is a foreign enterprise, headquartered in Beijing City, No. 2 Jianguomenwai Avenue Beijing Yintai Center, the company chairman Shen Guojun, as president of the Beijing Association of zhejiang. President, CEO for Mr. Daniel Chan. The company listed on the Hongkong stock exchange in March 20, 2007.

intime, to deliver the new aesthetics of life "business philosophy, to young people and families of new type as the main customers, taking into account other customers with fashionable consumption, dedicated to China City fashion culture construction, establish the vitality of the young, fashion store image, leading the trend, create high added value customer. With support from all levels of government and all sectors of society, intime department store opened since 1998, after more than ten years of rapid development, and achieved remarkable results: intime group in March 20, 2007 to succeed in the global issue, listed on the Hongkong stock exchange.

group is currently operating and under construction in the large department stores and shopping centers of nearly thirty stores, located in Beijing, Wuhan, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jinhua, Yiwu city commercial center, has formed a national department store chain structure of the company. In terms of sales, intime department store has become the largest department store chain in Zhejiang. 2010 intime department store self management and store sales of nearly 12 billion yuan, assets of more than $12 billion, the total number of employees more than 6000 people, operating results have entered the forefront of the national department store chain.

intime what? Its four formats

intime department store

intime, China well-known department store chain brand stores are located in the bustling commercial city core, to transfer the new life aesthetics "concept, adhere to professional intensive activities, young, vivid, for young people and the new family, leading the fashion trend, a new shopping experience, to become in many regions have a leading advantage, has the cultural characteristics of the national commercial intime department store chain brand.

Yintai Center


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