Ali v brush platform millions of brush brush for College Students

February 15th, the Hangzhou Xihu District court hearing Alibaba v. brush single platform "silly push network operator of Hangzhou Jane World Network Technology Co., Ltd., claims 2 million 160 thousand yuan case will choose a sentencing date.

plaintiffs said that before March 2016, silly push network, including Taobao, Tmall, including the entire network brush single task. In April 2016, the Xihu District market supervision and Management Bureau identified simple world network over a single brush flowing over 26 million yuan, 360 thousand yuan of illegal profits, the Organization Department of the brush single unfair competition, damaging business platform interests, disrupt social and economic order, make the decision sealed brush single platform, a fine of 8 yuan.

plaintiffs believe that Jane’s network organization brush single platform for the real evaluation of the data constitutes a serious pollution, misleading consumers, and to Taobao, Tmall’s reputation and market competitiveness has a huge impact. According to the "anti unfair competition law, request the court to order the defendant to compensate the plaintiff 2 million 160 thousand yuan.

defendant attorney said that Tmall and Taobao are different business entities, so the plaintiff does not have the qualifications of the Alibaba, the case should be the parties to their prosecution, the court dismissed the original request.

to prosecute the brush single platform, Alibaba platform intellectual property protection management department director Ye Zhifei court said in an interview with the surging news interview, mainly because of the existing administrative punishment cannot be effectively punished brushes, hoping to give an example, brush single disciplinary organizer within the framework of the law.

According to Ye Zhifei

, to combat the brush single source, the beginning of April 2016, Ali with the law enforcement department of "silly push net" 9 whole network platform and fried letter Gang 279 suspected brush single businesses, involving nearly 400 million yuan. But according to the current regulations, brush single platform even if checked, only by 200 thousand yuan of the administrative penalty, and its profit and loss is too low compared to.

According to

leaves revealed that the whole network department combing dozens of brush single Gang data found that the gang recruited scalping millions of brush hands 70% at the age of 20~24 years old, mostly college students, the average daily participation of false trading, false software download tasks such as more than 10 times.

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