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Cell 175 1 (2018) Skeletal stem cells found in humans for first time promising new treatments for fractures and osteoporosis By Michael PriceSep 20 2018 11:15 AM Researchers have finally triumphed in a decadeslong quest to identify human stem cells that reliably develop into the bone cartilage and other tissues that make up the body’s skeleton The discovery from a team that had previously identified such cells in mice could pave the way for new treatments for fractures joint damage and osteoporosis What’s more these cells can apparently be coaxed into existence from fat that is normally discarded after liposuction hinting at an abundant potential reservoir of stem cells to seed future research and therapies The finding is a welcome confirmation that the cells exist in people says Michael Kyba a pediatric cancer researcher who studies stem cells at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis who wasn’t involved in the research “Humans are a much more complex system than mice … so it’s important” Early hunting expeditions for skeletal stem cells in human bone uncovered so-called mesenchymal stem cells These mixtures of different kinds of stem cells can become skeletal tissue like bone and cartilage but also fat muscle connective tissue and blood vessels Researchers struggled to pin down the precise cells that give rise to the new skeletal tissue In 2015 a team led by Michael Longaker of Stanford University in Palo Alto California—he describes himself as “a stem cell biologist trapped in a plastic surgeon’s body”—and his colleague plastic and reconstructive surgeon Charles Chan looked at the mesenchymal stem cells inside “rainbow mice” This rodent strain has been genetically engineered so that different stem cell types have distinct colors allowing researchers to track exactly which ones give rise to skeleton-forming cells Then the team identified the genes in those cells revealing a genetic signature for skeletal stem cells in mice Repeating the process in our own species proved less straightforward says Longaker “because we don’t have ‘rainbow humans’” Instead he and colleagues worked with human fetal bones obtained from a company that provides tissues from fetuses that were aborted or otherwise did not survive In these they looked for cells sporting a similar genetic signature to the mice stem cells in the growth plate the region of bone where new growth occurs during development From those cells the researchers isolated cells that could reliably form new bone and cartilage in lab dishes To confirm they really had skeletal stem cells the team obtained adult human bone fragments which had been freshly cut out during hip and knee replacement surgery They located the signature cells and grew them in dishes Once again the cells formed new bone and cartilage the researchers report today in Cell Importantly the cells didn’t turn into fat muscle or anything else “These are true skeletal stem cells” Longaker says To find a way to reliably produce a large number of such cells the team cultured some genetically modified normal adult cells called induced pluripotent stem cells in a bath of bone growth–promoting compounds and vitamins When isolated and grown in a dish these cells too only developed into bone and cartilage The study identified one further and unexpected potential source skeletal stem cells: liposuctioned fat Certain cells called stromal cells within fatty blood vessels are actually a type of stem cell By isolating those cells and growing them in a dish alongside a bone growth factor protein the scientists created skeletal stem cells “A half-million times a year US citizens have their fat sucked out and it’s discarded as medical waste” Longaker said “That’s a lot of material we could use to generate skeletal stem cells” Though practical applications are still years away he envisions these cells being used to replace damaged bone and joint tissue or treat degenerative skeletal diseases like osteoporosis “This is a major step forward” says John Adams a molecular biologist and physician at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California Los Angeles But he says the researchers still need to prove they can scale up the production of these cells “Whether they can isolate them in large enough quantities to be clinically useful that’s going to take a while to find out” By Rinat Sagdiev and Polina Ivanova MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska has handed back three private jets he was leasing because US sanctions imposed on him last month make it impossible to keep using the planes the firm retained by the owners to sell the aircraft said on Thursday The aircraft are Gulfstream executive jets favoured by jet-setting business people for their long range and plush interiors They are now on sale with the asking price for two of them set at $2995 million each The return of the aircraft is an indication of how deeply the sanctions have affected Deripaska’s business empire extending beyond the direct impact on his Rusal aluminium firm whose sales and supply chains have been heavily disrupted Alireza Ittihadieh director of Freestream an aviation sales company that listed the three jets for sale said the jets were owned by lenders Credit Suisse and Raiffeisen and were then leased via a management company to Deripaska-controlled firms "Who was using it Senior management including Deripaska himself" Ittihadieh told Reuters in a phone interview "He’s sanctioned his companies are sanctioned he has to return the aircraft He has to early-terminate the leases under sanctions rules" he said without specifying which sanctions rules applied in this case A representative of Rusal’s press service said the firm declined to comment A spokesman for Credit Suisse declined to comment on a specific case but said: "Credit Suisse works with international regulators wherever it does business to ensure compliance with sanctions This includes compliance with the recent sanctions involving Russia" A spokeswoman for Raiffeisen said she could not reply to Reuters questions because Thursday was a public holiday in Austria She also said that "due to the banking secrecy law we cannot comment on potential clients" Deripaska was included on a US sanctions blacklist on April 6 because officials in Washington said he and other Russian oligarchs had profited from the "malign activities" of the Kremlin around the globe Anyone included on the list is barred from entering the United States and US firms and citizens are barred from doing business with individuals or companies that have been blacklisted Non-US companies can also be punished by Washington if it deems they have engaged in significant transactions with a sanctioned entity Banking sources say that has made European banks wary of handling transactions involving Deripaska or any firms connected to him GREY-AND-WHITE LIVERY According to the Isle of Man civil aircraft register where the three jets are registered their owners are offshore companies whose shareholders are not publicly disclosed All three are Gulfstream G550 aircraft which each cost around $50 million when new They each have the same distinctive grey-and-white livery according to photographs accompanying the sales listings and images posted online by amateur plane-spotters The G550 jets have a range of 12500 km (7770 miles) and can come fitted with options such as a private stateroom and hand-tailored leather seats Ittihadieh the aviation sales executive said the owners of the aircraft opted to sell once Deripaska and his businesses ended the lease "The bank doesn’t need the assets" he said "Banks take assets Once the lease return takes place they either sell it or they re-lease it And in this case they have a five-year old asset and they have chosen to sell them" The two aircraft for sale at $2995 million were manufactured in 2012 and carry the tail numbers M-ALAY and M-UGIC The third aircraft with the tail number M-SAWO was manufactured in 2005 and no asking price was listed When the sanctions were imposed the M-UGIC aircraft was in Basel Switzerland publicly-available flight tracking data shows The day after the sanctions on Deripaska April 7 the jet flew back to Moscow The older aircraft with the tail number M-SAWO was in Buffalo New York State the day the sanctions were imposed according to data available on two websites that track private jets Virtual Radar and adsbexchangecom The following day it flew to New York City and from there on to Russia A week later the aircraft made a tour of cities in Siberia where Deripaska has factories Sources close to Rusal told Reuters that at the time Deripaska was visiting those factories In one past case of sanctions affecting the travel arrangements of a Russian tycoon oil trader Gennady Timchenko told Russian state news agency Tass that Gulfstream stopped servicing his jet because he was put on a US sanctions blacklist in 2014 (Additional reporting by John Miller in ZURICH Francois Murphy in VIENNA and Tatiana Voronova in MOSCOW; Writing by Christian Lowe; Editing by Mark Potter) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed saying it was an oversight,Amorosi would have been a junior at Minnetonka High School.

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