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Spirit Airlines is also routinely bashed by consumers. but that latest appeal failed, Among the loquacious taxi-driving community, Qalibaf is a former Revolutionary Guard air-force commander who is said to have played an influential role in the 1982 liberation of Khorramshahr that helped turn the tide in the Iran-Iraq war. They brought the bodies of two militants back. a professor of Middle East politics at the University of Exeter.A. and San Francisco will get a chance to at least play with demo models at select carriers If you don’t live in any of those cities check out our hands-on below The Galaxy Note Edge shines Let’s start with the more exciting one the Galaxy Note Edge So named because the screen wraps around one edge of the phone to provide a secondary display for things like quick-launch apps or features tools and settings the weather and more Plus it just looks really cool Samsung gets points for coming up with a useful way to incorporate a curving screen into a smartphone that isn’t just a rehash of a phone we’ve seen before (no copying the LG G Flex) It also gets points for not just coming up with something gimmicky that dazzles in the display case yet fizzles in your hand The edge display on this new phone has actual features people will appreciate such as the ability to run simple programs like Timer or Stopwatch display data like the time or an alarm and weather conditions There are several ways to customize all of this and with the release of the code for developers soon there could be more fun and useful stuff for that narrow screen The only worry I have is that wrapping the screen around the edge of the phone means greater chance of the screen cracking when it falls Samsung didn’t show off any cool cases specifically for the Galaxy Note Edge–though we assume there will be some at launch–so it’s not that hard to imagine it slipping from the fingers I also worry that just holding the phone the way I normally do might accidentally activate apps I don’t what it to activate Knowing if this will be a problem will have to wait for the full review Aside from the cool curving bit the Quad HD resolution display is gorgeous Super AMOLED rarely disappoints and the Galaxy Note Edge’s is bright with popping colors and deep blacks Plus the viewing angles appear to be wide One thing I noted is that when I turned the brightness all the way down the screen went almost completely black instead of just very dim That’s likely a power-saving measure–I’d be interested to see if the screen is still visible in dark dark rooms The Galaxy Note 4 updates the solid Note 3 The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 KT Bradford / Techlicious All of that is the same for the Galaxy Note 4 In fact the phones are identical except for curved displays Same resolution same processor same cameras same S Pen Yes the Galaxy Note Edge is a Note as the name indicates and comes with a pen More on that later The Galaxy Note 4 is an incremental upgrade from the Note 3 which is an indication that Samsung feels it’s mostly got the Note right finally The new generation is a bit taller than the Note 3 but otherwise shares the same general size shape and design accents The 57-inch display is still the same physical size but it has the higher Quad HD resolution One thing to note design-wise is that the flat edge that encircles the phone is made of metal The back is still plastic and removable but there’s now more metal in the overall design In the hand the Note 4 feels about the same as the Note 3 Still a two-handed device but this is to be expected with phablets The version of TouchWiz on the new Galaxy Notes is the same as what Samsung released with the Galaxy S5 During my short hands-on time it appeared to run just as smoothly and the overall look benefits from the bright saturated colors the Super AMOLED screen produces You can still do multitasking with Multi-Window which has picked up a few tricks from the tablet line Now you can not only resize the windows and decide how much of the screen each takes up you can make any compatible window a floating window of any size This kind of thing works better on a bigger screen I still like having the option Samsung upgraded the rear and front-facing cameras In back you now get a 16MP shooter with image stabilization that is supposed to take much better pictures in low light than its predecessor The Note cameras have never been quite as good as the Galaxy S cameras in the same generation However this time it looks like there’s more parity In front Samsung is taking a cue from HTC with a 37MP wide-angle camera that can capture more people in one shot than before Not so useful for Instagram but nice that you can fit a crowd of people or more of the background into your selfies There are no new S Pen tricks in this generation other than the S Pen itself being more sensitive Otherwise it’s unchanged This isn’t a bad thing as the S Pen is one of the aspects of the Note that just works and doesn’t need to be messed with at all A few other features worth noting on both: the fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor from the Galaxy S5 are here on these phones as well Plus there’s a UV scanner If you’re running out of battery you can get 50% juiced in 30 minutes with rapid charging And an ultra low power mode will keep the phone running for up to 20 hours if you’re down to 10% The new Galaxy Note 4 may not have a slew of wowgeewiz new features and functionality to show off That doesn’t make it a non-exciting phone If you are looking to upgrade from a Note 2 you’ll be very impressed Note 3 owners might not feel the need to do so They may be tempted by the Galaxy Note Edge though This is where the real coolness comes in However as I said some of the neat bits of the design worry me in terms of usage and durability I’ll reserve judgment until I get to do a full review Still the Note Edge is a very cool phone and I hope a harbinger of things to come This article was written by KT Bradford and originally appeared on Techlicious More from Techlicious: Contact us at [email protected] the Democratic debate even began Saturday night Bernie Sanders was losing A story first reported on Yahoo News began widely circulating that a top aide to the Vermont Senator had vigorously protested CBS’ decision to focus more on foreign policy in the wake of the Paris attacks on a conference call It was tailor-made to make Sanders look bad And Sanders’ aides say that’s because it was “fabricated” and their account was backed up Saturday by a Democratic National Committee official who was also on the call along with representatives for Sanders front-runner Hillary Clinton and former Maryland Gov Martin O’Malley Sanders aide Mark Longabaugh said it is true that he argued with CBS about opening and closing statements which he views as vital to a candidate who is not as well-known as Clinton and who is running an issues-based campaign But he said the claim that he objected to a foreign policy focus which came from a rival campaign was bogus Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories View Sample Sign Up Now "The only bone of contention was were you going to have closing statement and original opening statement which we agreed to The rest of it was all baloney" said Sanders aide Mark Longabaugh "Any story that implied we were not fully prepared and ready to engage on foreign policy or Paris strategy in any way is just not true" A DNC official confirmed Longabaughs account on Saturday "Mark pushed back aggressively on opening statements It was about opening statements" said the official who did not want to be quoted taking sides in a dispute between the Democratic campaigns "The debate was never what are we going to talk about during the first 20 minutes" Sanders’ spokesman Michael Briggs said that the Vermont senator was prepared to talk about Paris “From the Senator’s standpoint it wasn’t ever a question about whether there would be a discussion about what happened in Paris” Briggs said “Somebody is making a mountain out of a molehill and it’s still a molehill” CBS gave the candidates 90 seconds for opening remarks as Sanders’ campaign wanted Read Next: Read the Full Text of the Second Democratic Debate Contact us at [email protected] 62% of US women from ages 15 to 44 use some form of contraception and predictably the pill is still the most popular About 16% of women used it in 2011-2013 finds the latest report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Center for Health Statistics But the second most popular contraceptive may come as a surprise to many: 155% of womenjust a hair behind the pillchoose female sterilization The CDC report shows that nearly one in three women ages 35 to 44 opted for female sterilization By contrast fewer than 1% of women between ages 15 to 24 chose it The rates of women choosing to undergo the simple yet irreversible surgical procedure might seem high “until you start to peel back the layers and intricacies around forming a family” says Dr Vanessa Cullins vice president of external medical affairs at Planned Parenthood Federation of America who was not involved with the research “Consider the fact that the majority of women in this country have had the number of children they want to have by mid-twenties to thirty or soand they still have the capacity to get pregnant until they are 50 years old” For a lot of women that can mean 20 fertile years during which a woman may not want to become pregnant Cullins says women who tend to ask about sterilization don’t want to be bothered by other methods even those that only require intervention every few years The overall rate is slightly less than previous years the CDC says and Cullins says she expects the rate to continue to decline as long-acting contraceptives especially the intrauterine device (IUD) become more popular and more affordable in the US But for now the pill female sterilization and condoms are more popular than the IUD Long-acting reversible contraceptives like the IUD and implant remained stable from prior years at 72% of women They were most popular among women aged 25 to 34 and less popular among younger sexually active women between ages 15 to 24 Women between ages 35 and 44 were the least likely to use them Because the IUD is much more convenient than the pill with a lower failure rate it may prove to be a bigger birth control contender in the future some health experts say And there are signs that with increased affordability and access young women will opt for it One recent study showed that when teenage girls were counseled about birth control and given their pick for free a full 72% of them chose the IUD Contact us at [email protected] aren’t the only ones in trouble. Muslims should heed the Popes call: “People of all faiths can come together for this cause because the concept of stewardship on Earth is a shared belief, Nobody can stop me from telling my people to protect themselves.

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