Pat micro shop Hangzhou excavation Taobao sellers officially launched in 2015 investment

news January 27, 2015, Jingdong group pat micro shop held nearly two thousand businesses to participate in the investment conference in Hangzhou today announced a series of favorable conditions, products of gameplay and investment policy at the meeting, officially opened the curtain of investment in 2015. Pat micro shop manager Guo Bin said, compared with the traditional C2C mode, backed by Jingdong and Tencent pat micro shop resources and social advantages, can provide new ways of traffic and mobile social electricity supplier more low cost for the seller, the seller for the current survival increasingly difficult to provide a new business platform.

WeChat flow bonus to promote the positive transformation of the seller

, according to Guo Bin introduction, pat shop in mid October last year after the release, with only 66 days of daily sales have exceeded $20 million, a single peak of up to 60 million. Up to now, the opening of the shop pat micro shop has more than 20, becoming one of the important forces in the industry mobile providers.

compared to the traditional C2C platform, pat shop the original center + to the center of the combination mode. The center refers to the current PAT micro shop has WeChat, mobile phone QQ two wireless entrance, wide point through advertising system combined with PC, pat APP and Tencent jointly sellers drainage, the current cost of obtaining pat micro shop order is a traditional C2C platform 1/3, mobile social dividend flow brought by WeChat and mobile phone QQ very obvious. At the same time, pat micro shop also provides many "to the center" of the operation tool for businesses, for example, encourage businesses to guide users to focus on the business service number for businesses, the development of red envelopes, attendance, and other social group purchase products, so that businesses can quickly into the precipitation and user operation in acquiring new users, significantly enhance the user the rate of re purchase and loyalty, also greatly reduces the cost of business marketing.

"at present in other business platform, businesses get traffic cost is extremely high, some categories with a click of the cost is about 10 yuan, and on these platforms to keep suffering, I would recommend that businesses actively embrace social business, as soon as possible to develop new traffic sources, change the gameplay to survive." Guo Bin said.

social play opens up a new operational path

in addition to break traffic problems, Guo Bin believes in the mobile era, large flow center of the era has passed, fragmentation, and social media will be the future of the new trend of the development of mobile providers. He suggested that the seller should pay more attention to the new trend changes, and actively adjust the operating path.

"because the user time by WeChat and Q this high frequency application substantially occupied, so more and more in the future trading scene will appear in the social network, at this time the past search, advertising and promotion of this sanbanfu operation has not cause the strength, emotional marketing, customer relationship will become extremely important."

for this reason, pat shop launched a special set of a key shop, a key distribution and a key to share, etc.

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