Mengzhou Henan sang village 3 thousand farmers micro business transactions in the amount of 250 mill

May 28th, Mengzhou city mulberry slope village farmers Li Hong in their own factories to just produce new style boots to take pictures, shoot more than and 20 pictures, then sent to the circle of friends, after more than and 10 minutes there are 9 orders, 140 double. She said: "I work every day is to take pictures of a micro channel, the annual turnover of about 12000000 yuan." Mulberry slope village farmers play WeChat play the tricks, the existing micro business of more than 3000 people last year, they rely on WeChat mobile phone sales turnover reached 250 million yuan.

village is a village of Hui Hui, a traditional fur processing technology, farmers rely on this technology quickly become rich. Today, the village has more than 100 fur processing enterprises, almost every household processing. Haruki product sales order out only by the sales staff in the past, now WeChat sold out alternative sales, 80% of the village enterprise has canceled the sales department.

two years ago, mulberry slope village Taifeng leather boss Lu Yi farmers, take its own production of new boots with mobile phone, sent to WeChat circle the sun, who knows that people want the goods, one month down WeChat order more than 2 thousand and 800 pairs, which makes him surprised.

then he sent to WeChat for making products, trading volume is more and more big, the first half of about 7000000 yuan. His sales success spread in the village, the village of micro business in the rise, only two months, the more than and 100 companies and businesses has opened a micro business. Since the opening of the micro business, mulberry slope village Yuantong express company business fire, past a deserted house, only one employee, now busy daily delivery, has increased to more than 10 employees. The biggest benefit is the mulberry bark fur industry, through the micro business transactions from the domestic market sales to foreign countries, the transaction volume increased by 5 times over the past year, the cost of sales decreased by 90%.

on the day of the interview, the boss is mighty AI Guangyu fur to the United States Shipping, when it comes to WeChat, Taobao is excited, he said: "WeChat spread to more and more customers have a circle, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and the United States, Japan, and now I work every day is to each exhibition hall to see the goods, photos sent to the Internet then, according to the purchase information of goods, stocking, delivery, one of two mobile phone, non-stop delivery."

Ai Weiwu said that farmers through the network to learn the marketing knowledge, learn to self packaging and marketing, but also learned to play in the larger market and the survival of the game. In order to give the product photos, from Zhengzhou, Ukraine Guangyu fur please model, returned to their own products produced exquisite pictures.

Guangyu fur has also set up a special net sales department, opened a number of shop in Taobao, Jingdong and other sales channels, net sales staff increased from 1 people to 8 people, half of online sales have exceeded the company’s total sales more than. Now, mulberry slope village has been fully opened the WeChat circle, QQ group, and other network sales, the village has more than 170 registered Taobao shop, only Taobao shop turnover amounted to more than 10 million yuan.

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