Look at the success of the electricity supplier from seven space

I believe that many

often removed from the Taobao buyers and sellers are more or less know seven princess TOP tide shop ", an only half a year to build 4 crown, ranked fourth in the 09 years of Taobao ranked in the super cow shop. Seven princess why so successful? This is speaking from her entrepreneurial experience:

seven Cao Qing, formerly known as Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Linping people, aged only 28 years old, because of his birthday is July 7th, it is named "lucky", the name of the shop is called "the seven space TOP tide shop". Seven princess shop from only 4000 yuan started, Taobao and most ordinary sellers, is to Hangzhou Sijiqing clothing wholesale market purchase, then take the shelves for sale, then the seven princess, basically is still in the minor. Until the August 2008, because of a women’s T-shirt hot 500, the "seven division" store credit quickly soared quickly, do 5 drill team by Cao Qing a person, to 3 people, are the boyfriend – where designers and customer service Niu Baobao senger. In just a few months later, the shop quickly upgraded to 2 crowns, the team also expanded to 20 people. Taobao related departments is given to the seven space TOP tide shop quite high evaluation, said it is Taobao’s history of the fastest growing and most successful example.

seven were successful reason, just because when a T-shirt sales, today is a qualitative leap? Of course not…… attributed the success factors, are as follows:

1, the creation of independent brands – "go shop business" bottom-up development path. The creation of the original brand OTHERMIX and IAIZO trendsetter, from scrappy, others sell goods into the independent brand operation, laid the foundation for the subsequent development of


2, designdiverse, a new fast – seven princess boyfriend He Senjie itself is an excellent designer, under his leadership, set up 15 young designers with a full-time teacher collocation team, every month at least seven were launched 100-150 new, ensure the goods in shops not less than 500 paragraph.

3, extremely distinctive style, the overall package of brand marketing is very successful, open the "seven princess TOP tide shop" Taobao page, strong visual impact pumianerlai. Adhere to the first page of cool visual, memorable, and based on the same style of continuous revision, with a very strong sense of innovation. "Stick to rock" and "trendsetter habitat" and "gathering trend fanatics" and other special-shaped font slogans everywhere, to create "the first brand of Internet trendsetter ‘image.

4, there is no denying that the seven princess in her father company several years of training, so she is well versed in company structure, operation and management of the road, a 28 year old young, have the ability to manage a company hundreds of people have arranged in good order at the same time, grew up in the rich; in the environment, let her wealth far more than the average person to take it up and put it down. "

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