The opening of the 2015 cards maternal electricity supplier complaints the valuation has shrunk di

just past 2015, known as the mother and child electricity supplier, the golden period of development, each mother and child electricity supplier not only sprung up, but also ushered in the explosive growth. Data show that in 2015 the size of a variety of independent maternal and child electricity supplier more than 150, which does not include Tmall,, the United States and many other players on the platform.

according to the latest release of 2015 36 krypton entrepreneurial valuation of the company’s top five hundred list, honey bud, the king of the children, freaky help, babe network, baby tree and many other maternal electricity supplier companies list. At the same time, a year after the 2015 fight, Chinese maternal electricity supplier company pattern has basically been determined: Honey bud, Bao Baoshu and Babe network were ranked Chinese vertical maternal electricity supplier before three. But careful observation is not difficult to find, at present in the market size of the mother and child melee electricity supplier, although some of the momentum of development to maintain good, but there are still some shortcomings, some really lack of stamina, the prospect of worrying. The following, 5 maternal electricity supplier current relatively high profile are analyzed, and the electricity supplier mother cards opened one by one.



babe network: insufficient valuations plummeted

Valuation: 3 billion 60 million

financing: C round

as a leader in 2015 China maternal electricity supplier industry, Beibei network was in at the beginning of 2016 suffered a "layoffs door" incident. According to media reports, the Beijing branch in November of last year has been abolished, the flag staff almost all left. Because of the abolition of the Beijing branch in a hurry, many employees overtime even too late to apply for payment. Afterwards, this be denied babe network headquarters, and immediately launched the "thousand talents plan".

in fact, babe network is not satisfactory performance in 2015: at the beginning of 2015, Audrey market valuation of up to 6 billion yuan, but by December, the market valuation has shrunk by nearly half, in Ai Rui, 36 krypton etc valuation list, ranking behind, and valuation has shrunk half, only 3 billion 60 million, or even the baby tree ranked only vertical maternal electricity providers to catch up from behind, third.

was founded at the beginning, Beibei performance irksome: April 2014 on the line, is the maternal sale platform to sales of domestic brands. By IDG capital, Gao Rong capital set up a joint investment. On January 2015, babe network completed a $100 million C round of financing. This round of financing from the capital today, New Horizon Capital lead investor, Gao Rong capital and IDG capital and investment — this time, it is the most beautiful moment of 2015 babe.

as one of the earliest complete financing shopping rebate website, April 2014 in maternal and child market outlet, and cut maternal and child market, created the babe network. As the electricity supplier maternal babe network brand sale by the bright younger generation, purchase flash mode, Select > number every day

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