Community electricity supplier small area to achieve great development

O2O development of the electricity supplier in the Internet era, more and more electricity providers began to focus on the integration of resources for online and offline, especially for consumers is a huge area adjacent to the traffic, the traditional sense of the electricity supplier is only pay attention to the online customer groups, and the extreme and weaken the effect of the city district for the online market, this the traditional business and online business district of the "jealousy", caused the emergence of vicious competition, therefore, more and more online business began to commercial entities as well as the distance closer to the community community mall development, recent Wanda and Baidu and Tencent, although not for the electricity supplier to, but behind it the alliance is to maximize the pursuit of consumers, the flow of drainage input, the achievements of the development of community business to a great extent, Through drainage, so that the small area of the business district electricity supplier to develop.

community drainage inlet


community is composed of people and fixed consumers, drainage in these areas, the most important is not the huge traffic, it is important to attract the fixed flow, the community of consumers is fixed consumers, large-scale drainage will backfire, at the same time, the community of consumers is important fine and convenient operation of the electricity supplier concerned, how can the community can stay at home to achieve the most efficient, convenient shopping and security has become the focus of community community drainage, electricity providers need to service refinement process, "where there is lazy, where there is opportunity" this sentence is not false, through meticulous in the community to further facilitate the people’s consumption is the best entrance community drainage.

industry reshuffle

After all, the

community is our business with the traditional business best area to the depth of integration, and actively carry out cooperation in this area is the best opportunity for development, in addition, according to statistics, the 58 media advertising alliance, 2013 Chinese family service industry practitioners have enterprise more than and 60, the number of employees about 25 million people, the annual output value of over one trillion yuan. If the community surrounding restaurants, supermarkets and other formats are counted, the total will be huge, and Chinese city development faster and faster, the community increasingly high degree of popularity, and the development in this field in the business enterprise is not full, therefore, the development of the industry will move towards the direction of the trend the latest development, especially after the giant influx, the whole industry to shuffle.

Interpretation of

O2O era

in the O2O era, the electricity supplier is the most important user experience, this type of marketing has become the most important channel for the development of the electricity supplier, electricity supplier in the field of O2O in the community, is the most perfect explanation, do not need more online drainage, the most important is to strengthen the safety and convenience of shopping, the establishment of a certain intelligence shopping system through fixed flow, the online and offline industry integration, to constantly promote the development of both online and offline through this form, pay more attention to the quality and safety of consumer products and shopping experience, in the shopping.

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