Zhang Jindong open standing military order online transaction size to over 100 billion

[Abstract] near Dongli 2016 military order: in 2016, the Internet platform transaction size more than 100 billion.

Beijing morning news (reporter Liu Yinghua) just after the Spring Festival holiday, Suning holdings chairman Zhang Jindong executives convened set junlingzhuang: 2016 2016, Su ningyun O2O full channel to achieve more than 30% growth, the Internet platform transaction size more than 100 billion.

despite the macroeconomic situation is grim, Zhang Jindong repeatedly mentioned in the internal speech opportunity". Zhang Jindong said, in the face of adversity opportunities mainly includes three aspects: first, consumption, service areas of Suning where, in promoting the reform of the supply side will usher in development continues to improve, promote the development of Suning Plaza, hotel, culture and sports industry. Two, the whole society to inventory, to the capacity of the higher requirements of the channel capacity, and Suning based on the reverse supply chain model of big data C2B will highlight the advantages. Three, with the decline in raw materials and energy costs, the moderate depreciation of the renminbi, as well as the decline in financing costs, to create a very good window of investment. Suning is developing the Suning Plaza store, Tesco, cloud service stations, community networks, logistics base, data center, hotel, residential, theater and other infrastructure in a rare low cost expansion.

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