The new tax in cross border electricity NetEase koala sea purchase what emboldened shouted 10 billio

March 29th, NetEase koala sea purchase in Beijing held the 2016 strategic conference, which is the first official appearance of NetEase koala sea purchase. The scene invited many of the world’s first tier brands, financial institutions, warehousing and logistics providers, domestic and foreign well-known Internet companies and multinational embassies and consulates of high-level or representative. Insiders joked more than half of the cross-border electricity market, who attended the conference.

is also the past few days, cross-border electricity supplier New Deal Reform News occupy the major electricity supplier news layout. The Ministry of Finance issued "on cross-border e-commerce retail import tax policy notice" said that since April 8, 2016, China will implement the cross-border e-commerce retail import tax policy, and adjust post tax policy, this was once regarded as the end of the cross-border electricity supplier good.

in the industry have to sing the air of cross-border electricity providers, NetEase koala sea purchase CEO Zhang Lei is called "based on this cross-border proprietary business industry first, the impact of the 2016 sales of 10 billion, more excellent choice for consumers and China global brands". In the face of the implementation of the most stringent tax policy, the NetEase koala sea purchase why high-profile held a press conference, from shout out 10 billion higher sales target? What is the strength of nature or just


deepen cooperation with the brand side to highlight the advantages of supply chain

tax deal, canceled 50 yuan shall be exempted from the amount in the limit value of imports of cross-border e-commerce retail sales of imported goods, temporary tariff rate is 0%, import value-added tax and consumption tax shall be exempted from tax temporarily canceled, according to statutory tax payable 70% levy. In this industry, said the interpretation of the bonded warehouse model of cross-border electricity supplier is facing the pressure of rising prices, the industry will usher in a reshuffle. Recently, there are media broke the news, had to get the largest cross-border electricity supplier financing a start-up company has closed down.

to self mode of the main NetEase koala sea purchase that can really affect the cross-border electricity supplier commodity prices is the procurement and channel costs, which is determined by the level of cross-border electricity supplier supply chain. After the tax reform can keep prices stable platform for commodities, even further enlarge the price advantage, the final test of the construction of overseas cross-border electricity supply chain.

and on the 29 day of the conference on the same day morning, NetEase and Emart, the koala sea purchase of Swisse, Libero, honey Newcombe, Mars, Mead Johnson and other overseas famous brand, has signed a cooperation agreement, authorized new starting. In the just past 2015, NetEase koala sea purchase is a strategic cooperation with hundreds of the world’s leading brands and top suppliers.

in other words, NetEase koala purchase of the current supply chain construction has become increasingly mature, the first mover advantage in commodity prices. For example, in the procurement to the country of origin direct mining, this is a high demand for the quality of the goods, on the other hand can bypass many intermediate links, such as regional distributors, agents, direct cooperation with the brand, thus saving a lot of procurement costs. More >

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