Sand set model research report released a new model of rural e commerce

February 22, 2011, sponsored by the Chinese Academy of social sciences information technology research center and Ali research center jointly organized by the rural e-commerce ‘sand set model’ research report released cum seminar held in Beijing. The conference officially released the "sand collection model" Research Report (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), through case studies, analysis of the current rural e-commerce development of the dynamic mechanism, market ecology and evolution trend.

report by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of information research center and Ali research center to carry out research, select Jiangsu County, Sha town, as a typical case, to conduct field visits.

"report" pointed out that the model is a model of the rural economy in the province to promote industrialization of information technology, industrialization of information technology to promote the typical. Specifically, the core of the sand set model is network + company + farmers". Among them, the farmer is the main body, the company is the foundation, the network is the leader. In the "Shaji mode", family farmers is the main body to play the leading role of the entity, the company is the foundation of rural industrialization, and the platform of electronic business affairs on behalf of the Internet is the leading force to promote rural industrialization. The model of sand collection is the concrete embodiment of the modernization of information driven industrialization, industrialization and informatization, which is of great significance and popularization value.

sand set model provides a new direction for the three rural issues

sand town farmers through open shop, completely changed the fate. 2006, the town of Dongfengcun sand young people from the county, sun sun resigned from the county, opened the first shop, engaged in the network of simple assembly furniture sales and processing. After a short span of four years, the village shop business from scratch, the online mode is more and more villagers successfully copied to Dongfengcun as an example, the village of 1180, about half of the households in the online shop, the whole town shop with annual sales of over 300 million yuan.

network sales and processing at the same time led to the rise and development of the surrounding industries. By the end of 2010, a total of 6 sets of sheet metal processing plant, hardware accessories, logistics, express delivery of 15, computer stores, home to 7. Farmers through the creation of shop, not only to improve the income, but also to solve the employment and entrepreneurship problems. Young people who have been out of work have returned home, but also the village there are thousands of people in the labor gap, security issues have greatly improved.

"report" pointed out that the "sand set model" of the economic and social impact of far-reaching significance, it is in the information network era to solve the "three rural issues" provides a new direction. In the past "company + farmer" structure, an important reason for the company to control farmers and farmers is the information asymmetry, the majority of market information in the hands of the company. The model of "sand set" has brought about a structural change: on the basis of "company + farmer", it adds "network" to solve the problem of information asymmetry.

sand set mode success factor

"report" that the "sand set model" success, first of all thanks to our information technology

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