Tmall eleven how to play 11 double to promote the overall planning strategy of the 2015

"double 11" has become the online shopping carnival, which is not only the Tmall or Ali carnival, is the national carnival, on this day, can produce an annual 50% store sales, and even sales of 80%-90%, so this day for all engaged in the electricity business people have extraordinary significance, so how to to this day, what should we do what specific things, should pay attention to what, to minimize the risk, will use the best resources, the profits earned more stable, this is our main topic today.


1 double promotion of the 3 stages of the


on such an important topic, our best method is gradually decomposed, layers of analysis, understand every aspect of work and pay attention to every point, so we put the big promotion from the view of time is divided into 3 stages, first stages: promoting (7.1-10.25), before the second stage: Promotion (10.26-11.12) [ranking search will be 15-25 days in advance, comprehensively promote the adjustment, basically has entered the big promotion rhythm, so big promotion is not 1 days], the third stage: after promoting (11.13-11.25) [double 12 also 15-25 days in advance will carry traffic blockade].


2 node scheduling method to find

know the division of time in general, this time to fall to execution plan, so we need the time node following landing: the life cycle of the product node search index, product promotion plan, product promotion node node node node target sales forecast, so that we can clear to know: the first time what time to usher in my main products; according to the amount of the arrangement, what time shall I take pictures, do product selection, page work; according to the forecast point of sales, I can work at each time point how much amount to occupy traffic entrance, then I according to the requirement, how to arrange the activities of resources, how to maintain the flow of the entrance and so on, then we look at the specific how to do these forms.

2.1 product life cycle node – search index



data items have three: one is the keyword (source: Data Cube): understanding the main traffic entrance, a search index (source: Taobao index): time trend to understand the main entrance flow, the other is a category accounted for (source: Taobao index): understanding the priority placed priority choose the order of the main category and keywords.


keyword of the first breakthrough point of growth (looking for methods: search index function, can query keywords for nearly a year search index, >

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