The Amazon is expected to marriage SF 7 days to Chinese goods direct mail

[Abstract] the speed test China Amazon direct mail for 7-10 days, this time with the SF transport business is.

Beijing daily news (reporter Li Duo Wang Yun) the domestic logistics heavyweights is expected to become the United States China partner Amazon direct mail. Yesterday, the Beijing Business Daily reporter learned from insiders, in addition to the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Shanghai letter investment cooperation, Amazon is also actively contact with domestic express logistics companies, and intends to expand cooperation. The message says, because the SF has major layout in cross-border business, Amazon may hand SF carry out direct mail business from the United States to the Chinese. It is understood that the cost per 100 yuan in the next. However, Amazon has not made any statement on the news.

insiders told the Beijing Daily reporter revealed that Amazon is currently actively looking for domestic logistics partners, had approached the local express logistics SF, EMS and a number of cross-border logistics with import and export qualification, high standard, but the final candidates have not yet finalized.

, the industry also pointed out that the SF layout in Shanghai Free Trade Zone bonded imports, is currently being launched for cross-border electricity supplier import customs clearance, warehousing, inventory management in the region, paying tariffs, domestic transportation, delivery and a series of one-stop agency services. It is reported that the SF project is expected in the fourth quarter of this year on the line, and the deployment of this Amazon Shanghai FTA development schedule "agree without prior without previous consultation". Or this will be "a positive signal Amazon hand SF".

at present, consumers are more used to transport the way of the sea Amoy, but from the order to receive goods often need 2-3 weeks, but also face the inconvenience of language inconvenience. It is reported that the current rate of China Amazon direct mail test for 7-10 days, this time with the SF transport business is.

in the industry view, the next few years, with the policy and industry giants to join the cross-border electricity supplier market will gradually end the state of barbaric growth. Similar to EMS, SF and other channels open up, relying on the existing standard management as well as its own brand of independent security clearance, will be more favored by the market.

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