Guo Xiaolu chairman of the porcelain muscle do independent platform can not speak burst

speed Transit Network Interview (August 27th 2013 editor Chen snow) sent on behalf of the annual meeting of the scene, said the Guangzhou porcelain muscle Cosmetics Co., Ltd. chairman Guo Xiaolu speed transit network to accept an interview, chinasikn do is platform independent, not talk of "blast", because the station traffic is very expensive, "we need to translate the maximum flow rate, and different platform sellers, porcelain muscle emphasis on a single product to do good, but stressed that the porcelain muscle is medical skin care brand."

figure: Guo Xiaolu, chairman of the ceramic muscle (fast transit network exclusive shooting)

Guo Xiaolu introduction, porcelain muscle only in Guangzhou, there are 5000 factories, how to pass the road to maintain the competitiveness of the porcelain brand, still need to make a lot of this unique effort. In March this year, began to make porcelain muscle distribution strategy,, Le bee is talking about the distribution contract before, only small amount of sales in Tmall.

positioning for porcelain muscle of the brand, whether there is "down" to follow the trend of prices, said Guo group smiles, from last year to this year has increased 15%, porcelain porcelain muscle muscle weight brand, now divided into porcelain, porcelain muscle and muscle cosmetic doctor porcelain muscle SPA+ plus four sub brands. As the main strategy, the current main sales in the porcelain muscle doctor, the price increases every year, last year is the price of 15%, this year will rise. There are the most high-end porcelain muscle SPA+, is a direct channel of beauty care.

cosmetic safety issues, is a very sensitive topic. "Porcelain muscle from the earliest to do their own research and development, make their own production, from the beginning of last year with South Korea, France, Japanese companies have extensive cooperation in research and development, they also set up a porcelain porcelain muscle muscle French Institute in france. From the outsourcing of the product, the packaging design of the product, including the paste inside, are placed in France in order to ensure that the porcelain muscle is synchronized with the world such a brand." Guo Xiaolu said, "in addition to the internal porcelain muscle evaluation system, but also conforms to the national food and drug supervision and management bodies, now each product porcelain muscle will be sent to South Korea and send out inspection report. From the beginning of the next quarter, consumers get the product, there will be three copies of the inspection report."

for more recent talk about the O2O model, Guo Xiaolu said, now really concerned about O2O, not because of the fashion, and the reality of the traffic is too expensive. Like Wanda in the service sector to accelerate the format, and reduce the sales class. Porcelain muscle also intends to do laser, micro whole, injection, including high-end anti – aging services, these are in the SPA+ muscle in the landing of the service, the per capita consumption of more than 50 thousand.


has unique advantages in the vertical beauty electricity supplier in many enterprises? Guo believes that the industry specializing in surgery, group smiles, different depth, segment is relatively large, not only can make the line of "CHCEDO", also can have different competition online. He recalls, electricity providers to do business, the last few years has been done, which is the gene, "porcelain muscle is the earliest bus, very difficult to adapt to the online business model, now back to the next line, this is the water to the canal.

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