Fine to the extensive Beauty Group will be the next guest

November 28th, the United States to take away because of the line without a license, the merchant was fined 28 thousand yuan Hangzhou market authority. December 2nd, the United States to take out the Guangzhou team suspected of stealing competitors market material cases were registered by the police.

all kinds of news shows that the United States to take away the mess line, if the sales staff to strictly comply with the on-line process, black merchants will not be on the line. The frontline sales staff theft and even fighting news often found in newspapers, but also reflects the struggle in front of chaos.

"this is the United States mission to prove angry." A former 2 year old beauty group marvel, because a few years ago the United States Mission platform is unlikely to happen, then the adhere to the "customers first, business second, the United States Mission third" strategy, adhere to is to provide users with "pick and choose" good list, adhere to the user experience in preference to business interests, this is an important reason for beauty in talent shows itself in the war group purchase.

and look at the trajectory of the development of the United States in recent years, with the expansion of its size and the temptation of capital, the United States has been away from the beginning of the heart more and more far. Last year, the U.S. group relies on a solid foundation in the development of group purchase, all hotels, ticketing areas, but this year the advantage of business opposition in different degree. The opening time of the shortest delivery operations with carried $380 million financing hungry team "but" the wind came, the group purchase business in the three or four line of the city lying to make money when the public comment and Baidu Nuomi to become the unit profit from the cost of blocking unit, hotel business will usher in Ctrip, to double attention where. All of its business needs a lot of money to support the advance, but the profitability of the three or four line of the city can no longer hematopoietic.

in the face of increasing pressure, the United States did not choose to move steadily, but accelerate the attack. This strategy can also be understood, since all the short-term business lines are not profitable, so the only way is to use the way to accelerate crazy, make the point data more beautiful, for a large amount of financing or listing.

but the reality is often, haste makes waste, see the small profits and events. "Maybe the guest today is the United States Mission tomorrow." An industry veteran who lamented. Look at the development path of the two companies, there are really a lot of coincidence.

products: fine to extensive


2008, 2009, the basic daily express Eslite will appear in the north of Guangzhou white-collar small company. Its low price, good quality, as well as a unique style of packaging, know that today there are still many people’s memory.

in addition to the overwhelming network advertisement, and across the street "VANCL style" advertising language, the most important one is, where the sales price is really good. But after 2010, every guest in every year the trade volume target, becoming like playing chicken like crazy.

crazy increase SKU natural time to take into account the quality of the product. User >

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