My domain name choice

about the choice of the domain name, ha ha, earlier there is contact, that time is an international top-level domain such as.COM or.NET what, I was a registered, more than and 60 dollars, estimated to be at that time that the domain name is relatively cheap, if you speak to want to do what you should have use. But has not done, until the domain name expired, and later found that others registered, it should be said that others and I feel that the domain name is also a bit mean.

later, the country launched a.COM.CN domain name, not how long it is the.CN domain name and so on, when I registered a 2 bit digital domain, can also for the same reason, do not know what type of a website, has not started, it is to give up, now very sorry although each year, pay more than and 60 dollars, but now the 2 digit domain list may also buy domain name at least 4 digit price.

In 2007,

finally severely heart (in fact, only 1 dollars a) registered several, but the discovery of.COM basically no good domain name, no.COM.CN and.CN, and then to a bad record of the domain name, domain name is registered as a regional, ha ha, this not in my province. Some can also be my domain name first in the bag, I think WWW.113.SN.CN is still relatively good promotion. May be affected by the impact of the Shanghai hotline, I do not know how to see. Oh, local characteristics! Try our best to do well the local characteristics, wholeheartedly for the people of Xi’an and of course! The webmaster if you have unique views also hope to have the opportunity to exchange, today for the first time to send their own articles, before basically is to look at everyone to write. Graph king of this site do really good, I was learning, of course not doing similar sites, and only it is graph king. And we hope to have the opportunity to communicate QQ9681008, thank u visit:


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