There’s no pie in the sky waiting to be hit by the dollar

does not know which day began to register a domain name, I should be in the United States from the orange account information can be found in the first domain, I remember very clearly, I do not know is not the beautiful orange drums get mystery, in my first Chinese domain. 2008 networks and 2008. The company submitted after the domain name, actually not registered, I went to a lot of calls to orange, people say that with the Olympic colors are not allowed to domain name registration, registration review. So I have to wait three days later, to see whether the domain name is deleted, if it is not deleted belong to me. They say, I believe you are more discerning, I immediately registered to 8002. 8002. Network and insurance company, in 2008 to create a Chinese domain Portal — now appears to be willing to fail, I too bad technique, now do not learn a beautiful station; two reasons: there are several Chinese use domain name site, do I need to register a few years back! A domain name 280, 4 names I lost in the beautiful orange 1120 yuan. My salary is only two thousand money ah, but the enthusiasm is a registered domain name get out of hand.

to tell the truth, I think the domain name registration is a bit like gambling, a few meters that everyone is optimistic about their own hands, but the lottery numbers is not always your meter. Heard of such a domain name to sell tens of thousands, which sold hundreds of thousands, to see rotten in their accounts in the domain name heartache ah. So I began to learn to release their domain names in the domain name trading platform, hoping to find a buyer, but agreed to the present, the dollar did not hit me. I was hit by the credit card bill. In order to get rid of the current predicament, I almost want to register their domain name packaged in accordance with the original price to sell out, and I failed. Others in the hands of the domain name is more than I, who will be rare I.

later, my feet from the orange walk in resources, to the era of the Internet, to all, to the new network, called on the name of the registered institution of domestic basically find my domain name. The type of domain name from cn. to com, net, Mobi development, HK, I even registered the Taikang.Cc (when I registered 400, who will now, if you want to Taikang 400, I’ll give you a get out of hand), domain name registration, also learned some knowledge about domain name registration. Like what individuals can not register CN (I am afraid it is difficult to control it, and now the cradle of the network to apply for children, I am afraid that China’s next generation will be a man, my son also registered a). Hear the arbitration, hear the parking. Since my domain name no parking may be successful, too.

later, I send emails to the boss of GZ.COM, expressed admiration to him, and asked for its return, I hope to give my name on his development in the fertile soil. Who knows he wouldn not ignore me, maybe it is too busy to make money. Now I want to say is, who can help us these working-class minon


is best to organize a minon Federation, we put together a domain name, to evaluate each other. "

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