SF hey nn enclosure community electricity supplier can open up the last mile


SF hey Inn

red black and white collocation melody, simple decoration, SF hey Inn in the city have recently opened. However, unlike ordinary community stores, walked into the store, in addition to a few for the purchase of a single touch screen machine, can hardly see any goods, instead of the wall is affixed to the glass on the product photos. Want to buy things, consumers need to pick up the phone to scan the store posters, two-dimensional code wall purchase orders.

Compared with ordinary

convenience stores, SF hey Inn model closer to the new business community. Hey inn now business structure including community services, financial services, logistics, and virtual consumption, the main business of goods, including fresh food, baby supplies, 3C digital, clothing shoes and hats etc..

for the consumer, you can enjoy the unconditional return service in the hey inn. If consumers are not satisfied with the goods return without any formalities, and the distribution of freight by SF commitments. In addition, according to the SF responsible person, hey off orders can also enjoy the corresponding preferential prices, for example, the original price of 289 yuan in the entity supermarket milk, hey Inn in the price of 218 yuan.

for businesses, the first on-line hey Inn can provide the physical display, sale, logistics and other special services for business cooperation.

The advantages of

in Logistics Based on the SF, hey has no storage business model, consumers hey Inn in order, the product will be directly from the origin to the delivery address.

it is understood that since the May 18th announced the first batch of 518 hey Inn landing, in the trial operation at the same time, around the new business shop hey inn is also carried out simultaneously, in addition to Qinghai, Tibet, will cover the provinces and autonomous regions. The wind has plans to open not less than 4000 of the hey Inn in not more than one year.

for us, the store has formed a network to build a competitive enough, or really can make consumers feel hey off on his side." Responsible person told the Phoenix technology related sf.

: electricity supplier

SF nouveau riche "enclosure

line store cost compared with virtual shop, whether in rent, labor costs and other expenses are virtual shop several times, fresh wharf co-founder to Phoenix said frankly: "this burn approach, so play only sf."

in logistics has occupied a space for one person of the SF why take the risk of burn build hey Inn


to build the SF hey Inn, relevant responsible person said, its purpose is to better solve the logistics problem of "last kilometer", a hey Inn will take the strategic transformation of innovation in the Pathfinder role in SF EXPRESS’s overall business.

however, focus on the SF hey inn to build is not confined to the traditional logistics business. Insiders believe that the real purpose of the SF.

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