On the breakthrough of the local e commerce in the West

in the twinkling of an eye in the network world has been for nearly 7 years, e-commerce operations for 3 years; lots of mistakes have accumulated some experience, the heart has been difficult to cross a ridge. As the southwest e-commerce practitioners, Chinese West has not really appear a local e-commerce project, plans to write here about communication with colleagues, friends, and hope that through our unremitting efforts to create our own network operation project.

The aggregation of

domestic large-scale e-commerce platform in the coast of Beijing, and Hangzhou, Sichuan enterprises more scanty, don’t say the project operator, independent e-commerce platform in Milan network is almost second. Why e-commerce operations in western regions so difficult? Summarize the following reasons: 1 according to the western region; e-commerce operators most from the previous network services company evolved, thinking it is difficult to get rid of the short board service. 2: on behalf of the operation and operation of the industry marketing model is not clearly divided to service for the purpose of the operation is still not out of the way. 3: the operation of the industry is not deep enough to network marketing skills as the core, there is no in-depth marketing industry. 4: recognize their own industry and the type of work is the Internet industry or the real estate industry: 5: the agency cost savings while the loss of the operator’s industry viscosity.

We next

progressive analysis every reason:

1: e-commerce operators in the western region more evolved from previous network service companies, it is difficult to get rid of the short board thinking service operations. Chengdu website construction http://s.www.allxing.net

is now the network market operation potential, we more from the front to see the network companies to join the generation of operational advantages, but most enterprises did not understand the meaning of what is on behalf of the operators, on behalf of the operators? As enterprise management personnel should stand in the operation concept to management or stand in the generation of operation execution to build a team management mode of constitution is particularly important. On behalf of the operation of the agent entity is the company’s business operations on the network part of the entity’s industry, rather than the use of a network service company model agency entity network operations. They do not distinguish between the fact that there is an essential difference, the former is the industry’s internal marketing industry products, the latter is to stand in the perspective of network companies to provide agency services. The results are in accord with the implementation of the operation model.

2: generation operation and industrial marketing operation model is not clearly divided to service for the purpose of operating mode is still to get rid of.

if the first reason into the idea leads to the second point is, habits cause, western most mature industry operation area industry should be the medical industry, medical industry and most enterprises choose not generation operation but autonomous operation. If you stand on the point of view of service marketing to perform operations on behalf of the operation, operational guidance is very poor, the operating results are out of the question.

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