The right hand left hand Jingdong Tencent BTAUTO speed of electric cars

in terms of the amount of investment, or participate in the party’s position in the industry to consider, Jingdong, Tencent, $1 billion 550 million strategic investment BITAUTO, is the most expensive car in the history of the internet. The two major electricity providers and Internet giants why in many car Internet Co, eventually BITAUTO BITAUTO "love"? How to attract Jingdong and Tencent’s favor? In fact, I think the car and Jingdong and Tencent jointly, capital cooperation is far from to see on the surface so simple, behind the car to the depth distribution of electric cars, auto finance desire, for large data mining and social resources in depth, and the Jingdong, Tencent for the future development of the Internet and the cognitive car auto finance development pattern. With the implementation of strategic alliances have a ready pen, the car will bring China Internet and automotive electricity supplier ecological change: perhaps in the near future, the Internet car, disposal of second-hand car, car loans are really like online buy a refrigerator so simple.

BITAUTO’s profitability is not bad, and strong growth. BITAUTO fiscal 2014 third quarter results, the quarter revenue of 608 million yuan ($99 million), an increase of 60.7%. Based on non US GAAP (Non-GAAP), profit of 143 million 900 thousand yuan (about $23 million 400 thousand), an increase of 85.3%. In this view, BITAUTO does not seem to have a craving for money.

but the problem is, as the electricity supplier in the field of hard nut to crack, electric cars in China has just started, there are a lot of things to do, to build industrial ecology, to cultivate consumer habits, to auto finance, market docking and other related services, to change the traditional mode of production and sale of automobile large volume…… No doubt at this stage, the ability to adhere to a large capital investment is one of the key factors for the success of the automotive electricity supplier. Look at the car, although at the forefront of the layout of the electricity supplier in 2014 two, has released a normal business platform: C2B Hui selling cars and B2C car mall, but regardless of which platform, still through large-scale user subsidies, marketing mode to develop user behavior, to invest a lot of money do product innovation and industrial cooperation, need every year at least hundreds of millions of money. Jingdong and Tencent capital, can certainly let the car electric car layout and practice more easily. BITAUTO CEO Li Bin once said: "the three party strategic cooperation, will go up more firmly let BITAUTO has been determined in electric cars on the road, a little menace from the rear."

unique resources to change the electricity supplier competition pattern

Li Bin automotive electricity supplier in the definition of the three elements include: to determine the price of a better car experience, business model paid by the transaction. According to the price and payment transactions, BITAUTO has been at the forefront, to build a complete system of products and business processes. While in the service concept, easy car mall and Jingdong that manufacturers should be highly consistent, efficient service system architecture. Jingdong mall heavily self logistics and service system, their own product quality

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