Vertical guide first battle hand made mogujie com shares

beautiful said the end of last year to complete the D round of financing, led by Tencent. In June this year, completed the E round of financing, Hopu investment, CO led Zhi capital letters.

financial weekly trainee reporter Wang Siqi / Shenzhen reported

if the beginning of vertical electricity supplier is still experiencing winter, so after a year of exploration at present after brewing, the ropes are spare no effort to catch up vertical electric potential.

in the female products especially in vertical business at the end of last year, two well-known shopping guide class community platform website and beauty have to make a transition to the vertical, after a year of exploration, from the electricity supplier gradually to the vertical industry development have their own advantages.

currently two companies have access to cheap financing. Through a year of deep plowing, performance has been improved. During the two eleven electricity supplier sales are breaking billion.

"Prodigal bitch" the achievements of Ma, and and beautiful pampered altar now, who will become the first vertical shopping guide

shares?The transformation of the electricity supplier

drive a duck onto a perch and beauty are said to be started by the female shopping community platform, the transformation of electricity providers are less than a year. The transformation is in addition to their own business development needs, more is forced by the situation.

because the positioning point is women’s fashion, and beauty that is mainly for the early Taobao, Tmall [micro-blog] drainage, to attract users in which Taobao published articles on clothes to earn commissions.

, however, then two shopping guide gradually bigger, there are also some problems in the drainage. According to informed sources, when the number of Taobao to buy a large number of shopping guide site by the flow restrictions, often linked to the page can not be opened. User experience can not be met, resulting in the reduction of mobile end users.

for the reason to make traffic restrictions, the people made a metaphor: "Taobao itself is a towering tree, if the tree is in front of a prairie, is a small website for his contribution to the flow, that is no problem. However, some sites grow into shrubs will be a threat to it."

in order to ensure that the user experience, we think of the idea of doing their own trading, a lot of businesses also feel that we have a high quality, put forward in shop." insiders say.

and the electricity supplier industry has been Ali, Jingdong and other giants occupy. According to the 2013 Chinese B2C Online Retail Market Research Report shows that the first echelon only Ali and Jingdong to occupy 72.5% market share, is followed by Suning, Amazon [micro-blog] China, shop No. 1,, Gome online, Eslite [micro-blog] and other old B2C, leave the living space of small and medium sized business very little the.

Here the

flow limits to survive the difficulties, there no hope of car transformation, and beauty can only exert its traffic advantages, fake and, specializing in "small and fine.

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