Seller note Fraudulent return shipping insurance means upgrade

in front of the Taobao division poor OUT malicious return division cross the rivers and lakes, and to introduce a malicious return this event, for sellers, will undoubtedly increase a lot of useless, and will increase the store return rate.

at present, Taobao returns a new method, as shown below:


as above, the seller shipped only 10 yuan, and the return can be paid $25, why?

is very simple, as shown below:


in the shopping area, choose the overseas countries, behind the information freely, the details below, fill in the delivery address, or even a real address, and then, the seller shipped, sign, apply for a refund.

so, you can get high freight insurance.

currently has many businesses move, especially in activities very busy, often overlooked, resulting in ineffective delivery and increase the return rate, Huo always hope that the relevant seller careful handling, in order to avoid adverse consequences.

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