Downgrade theory is not reliable Remember the death of an nternet venture in the county

recently internet business direction seems to begin to change due to the giant squeeze, many people with entrepreneurial ideal began to yearn for Regional Internet business projects, such as the Hangzhou 19 Building, the use of Discus! Local website could build revenues of tens of millions, how can not let entrepreneurs heart go Shenyi, seems to do local the Internet is a small venture competition, gains considerable. However, this is really the case? I horse today will take you live in a county Internet venture’s death.

to do a town "game"

Youxian of Hunan province is a well-off has 700 thousand resident population of the county, the local people come up with various kinds of entertainment to enrich their life, which in the local one called "Hu touch" card game very much by the locals. Although the total amount of the user is not large, but this game is very popular in the local, and has formed a difficult to change the gameplay and user habits.

chess game in China has a wide range of user groups. Such as QQ game platform for people’s preferences, provides a large number of chess games. However, their services are difficult to meet all customers, this is because the game has its own rules and play chess. However, for the game player to develop related games around, for the giant cost is too high, so they often ignore the The loss outweighs the gain., market.

however, this gives others a chance. Guo Wei is a 42 year old prison police, in order to pass the boring time, Guo Wei himself made some materials began to learn programming code. However, after all, is in the small town, the door technology after learning, there is not enough space to display.

probably because the police occupation of sharp, although don’t understand what is a niche market or market segments of these concepts, Guo Wei quickly discovered that the Internet was "this kind of game, they also know so little, you want to try to do a play to others, is purely entertainment".

County entrepreneurship benefits

if entrepreneurship is a journey, then Guo Wei’s entrepreneurial history is really a personal journey. Unable to find any other partner, Guo used his spare time to develop the tour independently. Under harsh conditions, he spent a total of 7, 8 months, a person, a code, no people borrow it resources situation out of their game. Guo Wei persisted in went to the end of the day, quite to the product line. In the promotion and development of their products in the process, Guo Wei found that he can take advantage of.

first, the county is very small, easy to form word of mouth. After the product line, Guo Wei began the promotion of new products, because there is no money on hand, had to find a colleague to try to help promote, but he was surprised to find that the promotion effect is very good. Originally, the advantages of small town is the user is very dense, bad and good propagation speed is very fast, what his wife and Hezekiah.

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