Buy site short term profit model and integrity issues become the bottleneck of its development

Groupon (group purchase mode) rise rapidly in the world, blowing a stream of hot air, Chinese market is no exception to be swept away. The domestic group purchase net growth like bamboo shoots after a spring rain overnight and design, copy the name Groupon page China group purchase network blossom everywhere.

in less than half a year’s time, China’s group buying network has reached 400, but in fact, so far, the group has more than one thousand sites.

threshold too low

it is worth noting that, behind the group purchase website boom is covered with a lot of problems. Specifically, the main performance in the following areas:

first of all, the domestic buy for businesses stickiness is too low, too few repeat customers. For domestic consumers, more people are rushing to the low discount from the goods, the consumption of one to leave, if another site has a lower price, then the user will easily betray. They can not become the eyes of the business owners want to have a long back. This has become a domestic buy site can not avoid the pain.

can be seen from the above analysis, in fact, buy the site does not really bring effective value to the user. After the fresh effort in the past, buy site for the attractiveness of the business will be further reduced. Businesses as an important node in the supply chain, their enthusiasm will be a big blow. Once the business key nodes is damaged, the whole supply chain will be difficult to continue. In other words, if you can not change the current short-term model, buy site can not really keep the business and customers for a long time, not to mention what long-term development. This is the Groupon value and Chinese group purchase website cannot be mention in the same breath.

secondly, the threshold is too low, intense competition. Buy site has been able to quickly sprung up in the country, the low threshold is one of the most important reasons. The first group ( founder Dai Wenshu said that such a low threshold, a clerk plus a server can run such sites. Obviously, the threshold is low, the number of competitors in the short-term surge will lead to vicious competition, group purchase website rush on like a swarm of hornets intensifies. When hundreds of Web sites for a customer at the same time, there will be costly and even their own money to grab business, doing the "peibenzhuanyaohe" business. Currently Renren, Tencent, public comment and other giants have entered the market to buy, making the competition more intense. In this regard, any view that this is a good thing, the more competitive, indicating that the road is right. And giant to enter, to allow customers to accept the early buy, making the market to buy more mature.

first group ( wearing a document said, if you do not have enough money and resources to support, a large number of group buying site will quickly die, it is self-evident. Therefore, someone quipped: Day wish to destroy, they first make mad. The more fierce, the sooner you die, the more you say

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