618 countdown value delicious map with you enjoy fresh Jingdong

from June 18th to 20, the Jingdong of fresh cheap buy delicious "618 big promotion is to the maximum intensity of faiths, detonated the table. During the event, just enter the fresh618.jd.com in the browser, you can enter the fresh 618 main venue to buy hot explosion. Among them, not only DQY fresh egg, domineering spicy crawfish, Guangdong litchi fresh blogs and a variety of premium explosive goods available, consumers can also continue to enjoy 61.8 yuan optional 3 "," featured in the second half price products and other multiple benefits. At the same time, where the specified special full of 399 yuan users will get fresh fresh free Boston Jingdong lobster (limited to the scope of the distribution area to support), more chance to win the beauty of the refrigerator!


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the big promotion, covering fruit, meat, frozen food, vegetables, eggs, seafood and other products. In addition, Xuyi garlic fans Scallop in Shell crayfish, cheese cake and other seasonal new limited ex gratia addition in the "$61.8 optional 3 special, but there is no lack of Chile imported Gala fruit, lamb, frozen bone stick Xilingol Grassland Zhoushan half shell mussel and hot blast products. At the same time, the selection of products second half price special, more Australian beef imports, Centennial chestnut Beijing, Canada Chicken in Soya Sauce lobster, COD and other high-end ingredients segment. The taste tour struck, "eat a little" from now on


at the same time to protect the high cost, Jingdong fresh relying on self built logistics system, to achieve the whole process of cold chain logistics temperature control, to ensure the quality of fresh products. Up to now, the country has more than 3000 distribution stations to support fresh delivery, covering more than 120 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. At the same time, the Jingdong has established a fresh standardized process management system, through the pre qualification verification, field trips and other multi-dimensional assessment to ensure product quality. And constantly review, through independent research and development of quality control system and front-end consumer evaluation and other forms of random checks on the product, monitoring the quality of the circulation of products, so that consumers enjoy a better tongue taste.

industry believes that with the improvement of people’s consumption level, consumers are no longer the pursuit of a single low price, more emphasis on product quality and service, especially in fresh and other food products. In this regard, Jingdong fresh through strict quality control as well as the quality of the cold chain distribution services to better cut the combination of consumer demand led to the definition of fresh electricity supplier industry norms..

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