Tencent electricity supplier to expand a new direction Beijing challenge Jingdong



Tencent business expansion of new direction: to enter the Beijing challenge Jingdong (TechWeb pictures)

"in Beijing, who is faster than Yi xun".

announced on in the electricity supplier to confirm the self + open platform strategic direction after 8 days, Yi Xun network CEO Bu Guangqi announced the slogan in the above.

this is the Tencent’s electricity supplier’s website fast and easy network played slogan. Since entering in December, under the slogan of the theme of the line has been overwhelming coverage of the main Beijing subway, bus lines and major transfer points.

in the industry is still speculation whether the merger of Tencent business, which retained a brand, easy network has already started to seize the Beijing market battle.


in Shanghai as the center of the East China market and rival Jingdong is not in, bu Guang Qi Yi Xun articles Tencent the flow of electricity providers resources began to enter the Beijing market.

Beijing is the headquarters of Jingdong mall. Jingdong mall in North China, part of the northwest region of the orders are from Beijing, accounting for 40% of the entire order. And Beijing is one of the most important online shopping market. According to Yi Xun network revealed that in the past nearly a year’s time, in the absence of large-scale promotion of the premise, easy fast Beijing team still has more than 8 thousand orders every day, the customer price is as high as 500-600 yuan.

at the beginning of this year, the layout of the national development of easy fast network is focused on consolidating Shanghai, breaking through Shenzhen and Guangzhou, Beijing.

in the eyes of Bu Guangqi, the development of the business enterprise mainly from three aspects: one is to expand the category of goods, 3C, department stores, household appliances and so on, can increase the part of the market; the two is the regional development, such as Yi Xun early only in Shanghai, East China, North China, Southern China is now covered, so as to expand the market; three is a specific area of the market and consumer penetration.

Jingdong mall and the development of these years is nothing more than these three areas." However, also in Beijing, how many consumers know you, although your coverage of this market, but how many consumers know you know you?? Bu Guang Qi quality raised this question.

so we’re going to have a tough fight in Beijing. And Jingdong than a lower price than anyone else, better service, so that consumers in Beijing to experience the benefits of competition." Bu Guangqi said.

according to reports, from now on Beijing Wuhuanyinei users in the fast and easy online shopping in the afternoon, the morning orders will be served until 14:00 noon, order 18:00 in the evening before the evening service orders before 22:00 in the evening, an three day delivery strategy which is the attack on Beijing market.

Bu Guangqi believes that the key to the success of Yi Xun in East China and Southern China market is to

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