The first two 11 sales across the board to win the hardware into the God of revelation 360

this year eleven has been more than half of all units have also struck. Intelligent hardware are 360 "cabbage price" won the big ticket consumer users favor, to pull out the wool off panic buying 360 intelligent hardware. 360 now came the news of the double eleven 360 won the first battle, all kinds of intelligent hardware sales champion.

also obtained remarkable achievements, 360 companies again launched the "forward" activities and low seckill activities, this is also the 360 intelligent hardware in the first large-scale promotion of the whole platform.


: 360 victories won the sales champion of all kinds of intelligent hardware products

according to the double Eleven 10 hour "report" shows that the first 360 to 10 hours. The recorder sold one hundred thousand units, far more than second 10 times; 360 of our mobile phone in the ultimate 10 hours sold eighty thousand units, coming into mobile phone brand sales king, won the 2000 yuan file sales champion.

360 security router to the same sales of smart router sales of eighty thousand units, more than twice the number of MIng ranked second. 360 children guards can only watch over 12 hours in the sales of over sixty thousand, won the whole network with the category of the first throne; in addition, the smart camera has also achieved a remarkable performance of the collection of 10 hours crazy collection of 35 thousand units by the end of the year.

so, 360 can promote the war on the two of the top 11, to bring the majority of product managers who is the inspiration?


figure 2:360 security router, 360 children guards, smart camera


revelation: seize the core pain points through

is well known, 360 of the products on the name of the 360 security guards, is to protect the user’s Internet security. But in fact, only to protect the user on the Internet is not enough, there are more and more security risks in life. So the 360 gradually launched the moment 360 security router, anti brute force master child trends in the 360 children’s guardian, 360 fire protection safety socket, not afraid of attacking our 360 mobile phone, this is not the only one.

therefore, in the era of Internet of things, the threat posed by security issues even more than the Internet era, and only the development of security hardware, in order to provide protection in real life. So throughout the 360 so far all the hardware products, all of which is the core of security research and development, which is also the origin of the safety of the product has always adhered to the concept of the product of the 360.

revelation two: to do the king of the pursuit of the ultimate price

addition, since the layout of intelligent hardware industry, the 360 will always be cost-effective in the whole system. 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi has publicly said, do intelligent hardware is not a luxury". Therefore, the transition from selling products to selling services, perhaps the future of the industry trend, the product control

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