Alibaba sniper network fraud to build information security platform

news April 29th, reporters yesterday from the relevant department, the implementation of fraud criminal gangs 5 farmers from Hainan, Guangxi network, Xiaguan District Court of Nanjing city were sentenced ranging from 1 to 4 years in prison. The gang, the oldest 30 years old, the youngest only 20 years old.

according to the suspects confessed that they through chat tools such as QQ and Ali Wangwang, to send the user to winning false information, told them is using the QQ account or Ali Wangwang account is pumping system in Grand Prix, sent to the fake website.

these two pages, they have to buy the "400" phone number. When the other party to see the winning information, dial 400 telephone confirmation, the criminal gang claiming to pay the bonus to pay fees, taxes, margin and other names, ask the other side remittance. There have been Guangxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places 10 victims cheated, amounting to more than 7.2 yuan.

"this kind of deception is easy to identify," integrity security Alibaba relevant responsible person said, "in order to ensure the safety of network transactions, Ali Wangwang has developed safety related functions, when the user receives the information containing links, if the site belongs to the non Alibaba website, mark will display the Ali Wangwang chat if you talk to the window; on Ali Wangwang is a Alibaba staff, will display the" Alibaba staff "in the chat window, to distinguish fake molecules."

cocoon will be conceited, the fraud has been severely punished by the law. The suspect’s fraud is not brilliant, to their own fraud put on the ‘legitimate’ coat, which reduces the victim’s awareness of prevention." Beijing Dongyuan Law Firm lawyer Zhu when interviewed said that if the network department can strengthen the management of the network domain name, if able to carefully examine the business license of the telecommunications sector for the 400 phone in the enterprise and so on, as long as one such enough strictly, can prevent the occurrence of fraud.

"Arriba has built the first domestic network security platform, a comprehensive analysis of fraud information, using the system and artificial combination of monitoring, filtering and processing of the winning information, every day tens of thousands of lottery fraud information." Ministry of public security Alibaba said.

in addition, the Alibaba credit security channel through the news broadcast, anti fraud forum, regularly publish security bulletins and other forms of network fraud exposure, through the "prevention and control," three checkpoints, covered, interlocking, made first in the industry, to create a healthy network integrity system.

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