Pathfinder business revenues accounted for 6% multi brand competition

recently, "investor" the reporter was informed that the Pathfinder (300005.SZ) is to promote its electricity supplier brand kennuo. It is understood that Kennuo began in the two quarter of this year on the line of sales, is an independent operation of the Pathfinder brand, the main fashion leisure outdoor products, the sales of goods and products from existing pathfinder.

to push into the field of electricity providers, Pathfinder secretaries Zhang in November 22nd to accept the "investor" reporter in an interview that the business of the Pathfinder or auxiliary role, as the new Kennuo brand also needs at least 3-5 years of cultivation period; and the next line Pathfinder program focused on improving its own business platform.

industry insiders believe that the Pathfinder now vigorously promote electricity providers also chose a artfuller time point, but the electricity supplier of the road to progress, or should become the main force under short-term inside.

business revenues accounted for 6%

Pathfinder in March this year, has announced that invested 15 million yuan to create the Beijing harbour outdoor supplies limited liability company, the goal is to create a brand new electricity supplier Kennuo (English Name: ACANU), focusing 22-28 years online shopping main consumer groups, only through the electronic commerce network sales channels.

Zhang Cheng in an "investor" reporter said, "the brand in the end of 2010 began brewing, recently began to charge by Chairman Sheng Faqiang personally, also saw the rapid development of the Internet, as well as consumers more fashionable leisure outdoor products demand."

data show that in February 2010 the Pathfinder and the electronic commerce website good music to buy "via" signed a cooperation agreement for the first time to enter the field of electronic commerce. The same year, the Pathfinder in Taobao’s flagship stores have opened, tents, clothing etc. all products involved.

in the first half of 2012, Pathfinder business income is 23 million 300 thousand yuan, accounting for half of total operating income of 6%, this figure is the last year business income of revenue accounted for. Zhang Cheng said that this year the figure will reach 8%, while in 2013 is expected to reach 10%. Basically an average annual growth rate of 2%.

business accounted for to maintain a relatively low growth rate, on the one hand, our main brand Pathfinder is still growing, a new brand on the other hand with the main electricity supplier brand growth to the incubation period of 3-5 years. So in the next few years, we still put the core of online, shop speed maintained at 300-400 per year." Zhang said.

is currently the Pathfinder in other electronic business platform sales is mainly divided into two categories of products, the first is a quarter of product, the price will be some discount, because of seasonal products does not constitute what effect; the second is the pathfinder for the electricity supplier will do some special models, differences between online and offline.

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