5 12 Zhu Qiangqiang registered domain name was questioned to send the national wealth

Zhu Guangbing is now the most annoying people called him "Zhu rob", since June 5th the registered "5· series; 12" after the domain name, to the public auction for the disaster area rural primary school, Zhu Guangbing fell into the voices of doubt, netizens criticize the war profiteers, and colleagues at the back side pointing, "he said nerve problems". "I am now riding a tiger, this thing can not be made to." Yesterday, Zhu Guangbing, said in an interview with this reporter.

registered "5· 12" domain name to sell 1 million

Zhu Guangbing is from Hubei and is now the head of a clothing company in Huaian. In June 5th, he posted on Tianya, Sohu, Sina and other major forum said that the first time he registered as "http://s.www.wc512.com.cn" and "http://s.www.sc512.com.cn" ten "5· 12" website domain name, said they should be sold to the public, "no less than 1 million, and the sale proceeds will be used to declare Sichuan Mianyang disaster to build 3 rural primary school.

Zhu Guangbing not only real name post, but also announced the name of their own service and cell phone, office number.

talked about his motives, Zhu Guangbing said that after the Wenchuan earthquake, he was deeply grieved, not only donated more than 2000 yuan, but also the company launched a two employee donation. "I used to be a military fire, emergency rescue and disaster relief is my duty." Because they can not participate in the disaster area to participate in the rescue and reconstruction work, but I hope to do my best to help the disaster areas and victims."

registered "5· 12" is a domain name by college students. He has no intention of this message to see that the Spring Festival Party exposure sketch "plan" in "white clouds" domain name, is a student registered after the auction, donations for charity. As for why pricing 1 million, Zhu said he did not understand the IT, readily write down the figures, it is estimated that the construction of three schools to so much money.

mail contact Wang Shi refused

soon, Zhu Guangbing will receive a response, but the phone or SMS are mostly questioned and abuse, auction domain posts and blogs, and condemning, a lot of people to send the national wealth, want to be famous, some netizens even borrow "fanpaopao" sentence, for the name "rob zhu".

will receive nearly a hundred harassing phone calls every day, some even hit 3 in the morning, the auction domain name itself actually no progress." Zhu Guangbing told reporters yesterday.

in June 12th, Zhu Guangbing chose to take the initiative, he sent to Vanke’s wife and her husband by way of e-mail issued a "letter of the purchase of the letter," asked the 5· "12;" domain name. But a few days later, Vanke Group reply: "Vanke decided not to buy 5· 12 domain >

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