How to let the owners and businesses earn pots full bowl full

often listen to new Amoy webmaster friends said, now more and more difficult to do Taobao customers, Taobao customers will disappear. Personally feel that this is the Taobao model will not disappear, on the contrary will become more and more popular. Combined with their own experience for many years to do Taobao customers that the reasons are the following:

, because in the domestic environment of development, e-commerce is becoming more and more popular, especially the new power consumption after 70, 80, 90 is the main force of e-commerce, which is why some large domestic portal strong involvement of e-commerce industry, said, the rise of pat, Baidu has ah was not that electronic commerce industry is the future direction of development, very lucrative.

two, in the premise of good e-commerce environment, this mode of operation is also affected by the Taobao customer IT practitioners favor, especially in the SEO industry’s favorite, one can own the knowledge of SEO for real practice, on the other hand from the monthly income of tens of thousands of Taobao customers found some sense of achievement, moreover can earn pours, a monthly income of tens of thousands of income. That’s why so many people do Taobao.

three, on the other hand, engaged in e-commerce business scale is generally not very huge manpower and financial resources are very limited, and few have professional and technical personnel, search engine optimization, website promotion. But Taobao off mode so that they do not worry about not "customer visit" the door to buy goods, because the interests of shared mode, the webmaster friends will give businesses sent Everfount potential consumer groups, so businesses focus more on online store internal management and product quality management. At present the popular Taobao shopping mall is a typical Taobao customer site, this site subdivision of many industries, also collect Taobao top crown online shops, the novice can refer to learning initiative and enthusiasm, he this mode will promote businesses, Taobao guest webmaster friends, reduce blindness, which is the shooting two birds with one stone the cause of.

summary, as for Taobao customers more and more difficult to do, that’s the truth, because with the development of electronic commerce, online shop more and more specialized and diversified, do webmaster more and more Taobao customers, competition is more and more big. It’s not as easy and easy to be an early Taobao guest. Taobao can do as much as the same business and earn pots full bowl, but must change their ideas, do more professional website. For example, can be done before a women’s website alone, guide the potential customers to shop consumption, now the new Taobao guest come in to do the big competition competition, as can be imagined, so less money, will gradually think it is not good to do Taobao, in fact it is not so. The new owners can avoid the edge, weaknesses, came in late Taobao customers, then you have to separate a promotion brand clothing, or a style of dress, such as authentic Korean dress, Korean clothing care of this type is relatively women in this category, do much better. By analogy, other webmasters from.

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