Check out the fire five black imported package has yet to enter

"black Friday" has been in the past half a month, but part of sea Amoy users broke the news, still looking forward to the parcel, logistics tracking information also has not updated frequently, refund. The user experience greatly reduced as double eleven logistics warehouse explosion yesterday "foreign trade edition" to reproduce.

day before, many consumers to billion state power network Tucao their black five shopping experience. From the feedback, whether overseas direct mail goods or bonded goods delivery, logistics service links are not too awesome, as the sea Amoy experience minus link, and stock is the biggest pain point.

, a Beijing consumer told billion state power network, the "black five" period by a well-known sea Amoy App first experience of cross-border online shopping, not easy to panic buying things on that day in November 29th has not been received. According to the user’s latest logistics tips show that as of yesterday, the package has not yet entered. "Although the logistics problem of scouring the sea had heard, but did not expect the slow to the extent. At the time when the excitement of the order disappeared! "


and a consumer from Zhengzhou said, "black five" period from two well-known sea Amoy platform to buy three things, one is to inform the stock, has a refund, the other two also failed to arrive. A logistics platform only a single plane in December 1st generated this information, then there is no further update; another platform logistics status is displayed, December 12th parcels was sent to China, also did not enter the customs clearance process.



there are consumers drying out their own in another sea Amoy B2C site orders logistics tracking. According to the above information shows that the consumers buy products to domestic or bonded stock, in December 5th after successful payment, until the December 11th order processing information, until the December 15th shipment and delivery order, but as of press time did not receive the parcel. "Even if domestic shipments also used for such a long time!" says the consumer choice.


B2C after another outbreak of the sea Amoy logistics delivery delay, the case is still a common phenomenon? In this regard, blue ocean pier CEO once said, black five logistics delay was indeed common phenomenon, each facing a similar situation, and the main problems in the customs process. Black five produced a large number of goods, the customs can not deal with the fundamental."

The general manager of

Guangzhou Weiyun supply chain management company Yang Xuehai pointed out that under normal circumstances, the bonded area issued by the goods within 1 days of entry clearance, according to the domestic express, 3 to 5 days to the hands of the consumer. But overseas delivery situation is not controllable, whether direct mail or transit time is long, often more than 15 days.

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