260 thousand pen brush single false income 30 million years of losses still love flowers

flower market has traditionally been the main gift of consumption, according to statistics, gift consumption of about 100 billion of the market, accounting for the proportion of total consumption of up to 95%. However, with the gradual improvement of people’s consumption level and the quality of life, the daily consumption of flowers is gradually expanding. Coupled with the rapid development of the Internet and logistics transportation, flowers O2O company is growing. Among these, officially listed on the new board on July 15th, the Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "love flowers, love flowers") is a typical representative of.


, known as the "flower first" love flowers in recent years the situation is not optimistic, recently also revealed there had been a lot of brush single act, what is the reason? This market is still exist what pain points? The future money scene exactly how? "Investor" reporters call the company recently but could not be contacted, sent a letter to the company’s public mailbox, but as of press time, the company failed to give a reasonable explanation.

successive losses by brush thickening performance

love flowers, founded in 2007, is currently on the B end (enterprise end) and C (end consumer end) are carried out in business.

in the C side, providing flower city courier and subscription services, integration of more than 12 thousand lines under the florist, after the order of two hours to send flowers. Subscription service is divided into 99 yuan per month /4 beam, /4 beam and $399 /4 bundles of these 3 main types, through the upstream base direct mining, the mode of the third party courier to create a periodic flower delivery services.

on the B side, love flowers to flowers to establish a one-stop purchasing platform, the flower base, the city dealers, a nationwide florist in each link, through the online purchasing and service system, to provide direct planting base of online purchasing and cold chain distribution services for the next line shop.


whether business or development model to fit the current trend, but with many Internet Co as the actual performance is not good, love flowers. According to the company in 2015 earnings report, 2015 annual operating income of $36 million 990 thousand, compared with $36 million 680 thousand in 2014, an increase of less than 1%. Net profit for three consecutive years of losses, in 2013 and 2014, respectively, a loss of $4 million 580 thousand, $10 million 540 thousand. 2015 losses continue to expand to 24 million 200 thousand yuan, a decline of up to 133%.

in addition, the company recently in its public transfer instructions after three consecutive years in Tmall, Jingdong and other electronic business platform brushes, caused a public uproar.

, according to the company’s own data show that the company from 2013 to 2015 continuous brush nearly pen, a total of $30 million generated false income. And for a single brush over the years 2013 and 2014 were frequent, brush single 8701 pen, 90 thousand pen, by 2015 only 7 months before the 160 thousand single brush pen, brush the proportion of false performance is also more and more high, accounted for about 4.9% of sales, the current 24% and 42%. This also results in its 20>

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