n vivo cucumis org weak soul subversion through Taobao search

don’t know if you have this thing: some people buy living Shuabing cucumis.org cheated 360 thousand in Taobao, the seller sent the empty box that is installed inside the six baby stealth.


is the following figure,


there is no one with my hand to go to Taobao search to play on the results, it seems to play big…… Also found a number of other things, the comments area is even more amazing than the goods themselves, slowly say this thing.

just opened Taobao, I certainly go search in gourd, seems to sell its business or a lot, various style cucumis.org wailing occupy my screen, even some text written in guarding the house also can introduce mhmm pollution.


looked at it carefully, there are people who wrote to buy gourd baby to send grandpa…


I suddenly wanted to know that Taobao has not sold some other friends, like Pocket Monster in what, then I saw this very burst!!!! dome! Just hot eyes, miss the Junlai @ micro-blog museum to see if this is what.


in addition there is Pikachu, bulbasaur.


, however, compared to what I’ve seen, I think it’s really normal.

I want to see the former people say there are some specific functions and sell Taobao sign, said it was a full refund, but the price is hundreds of thousands, is almost the same business printing press.

then, I will go to search, the sellers of goods are also many, the invisibility, dun law I will not say, the magic is the soul of, very cheap, as long as a piece of money.


I would like to see this kind of thing in the comments in the end is what kind of, so the choice of sales order, just open a point, the result was shocked to direct a foul mouth, the amount of help.

someone said in the comments, you can directly when the company’s soul to the opposite Street (???), the evening can also to float (???), I was a bit cold back.


there are people who write more specific, said that his soul out almost can not go back to their bodies, and tried several times are directly through the body can not go…… I almost believe it.

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