How to combine online physical electricity supplier to test the water O2O

Internet is a circle in the store have transformation line, electricity supplier fought under the line, combined with the store to test the water O2O. Electricity supplier to test the water O2O on the one hand is the need for brand landing; the other is due to the expansion of multi format business considerations. Test mode or more, and the next line of business cooperation, or self, self mode is through online to open the store, the implementation of online and offline price strategy, with the apparel industry, consumers online selection of clothing, online stores try, after the order by the merchant to delivery. This model has now become the electricity supplier to test the water O2O is very popular in a way of operation, then the electricity supplier to test the water O2O need to pay attention to what point?

one, the mobile terminal is the main position

data show that the fourth quarter of 2015, the global mobile commerce share generally over 50%, while the market share of China mobile commerce will be as high as 70%, which means that the mobile terminal is becoming more and more important in the sales channels, the majority of consumers is the preferred shopping channel.

The rapid development of

mobile Internet make shopping more and more convenient in intelligent devices, businesses at this stage to do, is to optimize the shopping experience of consumers in the mobile terminal, to provide them with smooth shopping experience.

two, offline sales to provide users with personalized shopping experience

although the line store is not the lack of customers, and these customers will most likely through online business channels or social networks to understand the information of goods, such as price evaluation, and then targeted for shopping and so on line store sales, we must first understand the product sales on the line then, on line sales to do some warm-up activities, provide personalized shopping experience.

is currently a lot of businesses in order to better understand the customer’s shopping habits, and customers through the APP connection, or use the beacon technology to obtain customer information, which is conducive to more precise marketing, at the same time to provide users with different shopping experience.

three, solve the last mile logistics

logistics has been the domestic business pain points, some of the big business platform is trying to solve these problems, although Jingdong have more powerful logistics advantages in logistics issues also hope Gengjinyiceng, in this year’s second Asian consumer electronics show, Jingdong to show the outside world are in development two models of UAV delivery, which has faster speed and excellent loading capacity; and Ali rookie network has completed the research and development of robot, the end distribution warehouse cargo sorting and other projects.

in foreign countries, and the case of large-scale retailers to cooperate with more cases, many online and offline retailers, through cooperation with the community O2O platform to achieve the third party platform to complete the distribution. And logistics will accelerate the promotion of cross-border shopping in the future and more competitive advantage.

as a whole, the direction of development of electricity providers do not

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