Pharmaceutical B2C need to break the four major constraints need to carefully nurture new markets

with more and more enterprises into the field of medicine, pharmaceutical B2C contains tremendous prospects are also beginning to be the depth of excavation: according to Chinese Pharmaceutical (600056, shares) Commercial Association released data show that in 2010, the scale of Chinese drug retail market was 173 billion 900 million yuan, while net sales just billions of dollars, accounting for less than 0.1%. In contrast, in 2010 the United States reached a retail network of pharmaceutical products reached $170 billion, accounting for nearly 30% of the overall drug retail scale. Although the future of the field of medicine B2C has a broad imagination, but experts believe that only overcome the four constraints of the pharmaceutical industry B2C in order to get the expected development.

beach B2C

pharmaceutical business platform

recently, B2C pharmaceutical extremely hot, the major electricity supplier platform have the layout of the pharmaceutical market: as early as last August, shop No. 1 and Chinese Ping (601318, shares) cooperative drug safety net, cut into the online pharmacy market; in May this year, Tencent and pat health off network to carry out strategic cooperation; in June, Taobao mall five large pharmacy jointly launched the "Medicine Museum"; in July 5th, Jingdong and Kyushu (600998, shares) to cooperate, work together to build a medical e-commerce platform. The Jingdong to increase the form of equity Jointown subsidiary good pharmacist dispensary, accounting for 49% of the shares, operation management and assigned CEO responsible for the company’s online business; recently, is also came to discuss cooperation with the Chinese medicine group, actively apply for the sale of drugs licence.

food and Drug Administration issued over the years the pharmaceutical B2C license is as follows: 2005 1, in 2006, 2, 2007, in 2008, 6, in 2009, in the year of 2010, reached 15 in the first half of the year in 2011, there are 4 in the first half of the year in the year of the year 8. Analysis of the data can be found, the license number is increasing, which not only reflects the pharmaceutical B2C market environment is becoming mature, enterprises have also begun to see the market opportunity influx, but also reflects the relevant government departments of medical licensing gradually liberalized.

in terms of the number of drug category on the line, the larger online pharmacies have reached thousands of magnitude, which accounts for only a small piece of non prescription drugs, health care products, cosmetics and care products, medical equipment accounted for a considerable part of. Ari analyst Chen Bin believes that the first country did not release the prescription drug sales to online pharmacies lost a piece of cake, the largest pharmaceutical retail, online pharmacies can introduce other related categories to increase income; secondly, health care and other categories have higher profit margins and relatively strong demand, which is the most important site introduction the reason for these categories.

four constraints to break through

although the pharmaceutical B2C prospects are widely optimistic, but the industry is not optimistic about the status quo. Chen Bin believes that one of the four constraints if it can not be effectively improved, the pharmaceutical B2C will not be much development.

is the first industry environment is not standardized, consumer

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