Double 11 electricity supplier war prospective war heroes Lv Bu

from the "double 11" in less than a week’s time, although this online shopping festival was first put forward and promote the establishment of the Alibaba, but with the China from export-oriented economy to change consumer economy, people’s consumption patterns and habits change, "double 11" content and meaning are constantly upgrading and gradually evolved into a national consumer and consumer businesses to participate in the carnival.

Alibaba in order to consolidate its dominant position in the double 11 celebration, each year will be carefully planned new gameplay and burst point, to guide the consumer trends and trends, this year is no exception. Not only will be held early proposed double 11 party in November 10th, with consumer interactive, multi screen experience as the core element, the node is rendered into a comparable gala event of the year, Ma to pull the multinational envoys rally site, let double 11 out of the country to become the world’s

Online Shopping Festival!

shopping malls such as the battlefield, other businesses outside of the Alibaba, is also actively strategizing, aimed at its may exist at each of the short board, with their own advantages, from logistics to quality, from Online to Offline, from the PC to the mobile phone terminal, from its famous specialty to genuine tip of goods overseas, launched a full range of surrounded by a Chinese electric commercial hunting, the history of the most wonderful "war heroes Lv Bu is being staged passion.

Alibaba: Strategic globalization, tactical three-dimensional

electricity supplier in China territory, Alibaba is undoubtedly a legend. After 16 years of development, the current retail sales platform for Alibaba has accounted for China’s total retail sales of $9%. Ali has come to such a high level, in 2015 will be double 11 lead to which direction?

days ago, global double 11 start the conference site in the Alibaba group in 2015, the new Alibaba CEO Mike · Evans (nickname Bethune) public debut and announced, "from the beginning of 2015, the global double 11 will the world’s best imported goods to China consumers, at the same time, China good merchandise to consumers around the world". 39 countries envoys, nearly 50 overseas retail sales representative to witness this global double 11 start.

Ali chose this year after the start of the 11 double globalization strategy, cross-border e-commerce has become one of the driving forces to promote China’s economic growth. According to the 2015 Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center released the "(on) in Chinese e-commerce market data monitoring report" shows that the first half of 2015 the total China electricity supplier transactions reached 7 trillion and 630 billion yuan, an increase of 30.4%, the cross-border electricity suppliers to more rapid growth in the first half, 2 trillion yuan turnover reached, an increase of 42.8%.

in the specific tactics of double 11, Ali also can grasp the trend, this year show ingenuity. Generally speaking, there are two characteristics:

entity business to channel management sales

this year during the 11 double, department stores, beauty, home improvement, etc.

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