Taobao Tmall to enter Taiwan import and export of small and medium enterprises and individuals


technology news at noon on August 25th news, according to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" reported that Taobao university president Chen Qingtan, director of Tmall International Business Week Lanben week to participate in the seminar, the hope that the introduction of Taiwan small and medium-sized enterprises and individual buyers in Taobao and Tmall platform.

, according to reports, Chen Qingtan, Zhou Lan is expected tomorrow (26) to attend the seminar. Chen Qingtan will be in Taiwan small and medium enterprises in the future trend of e-commerce, the title of the speech, Zhou Lan to Alibaba from the perspective of how to help Taiwan sellers into the world as the theme, with the seller to communicate Taiwan. In addition, Zhou Lan will also meet with the media in Taiwan on Wednesday to share the industrial opportunities brought about by the Tmall international operation mode". Chen Qingtan and Zhou Lan will also call on Yuan Ze University, discuss cooperation matters related to teaching.

Taobao in 2012, on overseas users to facilitate measures. Taobao has improved the original complex Taiwan seller registration and login procedures. In terms of logistics, but also strive to incorporate Taiwan into the free shipping area.

, according to Taiwan media analysis, this year, Taobao in the Taiwan market strategy, obviously to the seller. The first step is to introduce the relevant services of Taobao University in Taiwan. Taobao University, through a series of courses to teach sellers how to do business on the Taobao platform. It is understood that Taobao University in Taiwan this year will be authorized to create green fans and treasure two institutions to conduct classes. The youth will have commenced in mid August, the agency said, is expected to before the end of this year, north, South, will open 15 classes, 600 students to participate in the absorption. Fan Bao is invited to Chen Qingtan and weeks to come to Taiwan to attend the seminar for the subsequent commencement of the rally. (skyline)

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