Taobao’s home O2O dream can do it Who is the biggest enemy

eat crab on the domestic Ali O2O, BT will follow

?Who is the biggest enemy of

Taobao O2O


following a taxi, catering, entertainment, recently, Taobao officially launched the mobile home O2O service platform – living.

this should be the first to enter the field so that put up a pageantry of the giants, although Ali and Tencent in the taxi, catering and other aspects of the fight over, but in the field of economics, there is no decent rival Ali, is the first to eat crab "".

home O2O potential is much?

2010 Shanghai family 8 million 250 thousand households, if the use of domestic service families account for 1/3, will be more than 3 million households. If the average household consumption per household reached 1000 yuan (including nanny, end workers, hourly workers, etc.), the total market capacity of Shanghai alone will be more than $3 billion.

this is only a conservative estimate, in fact is a domestic service extension and expansion of a strong field, looking for a nanny, Yuesao is looking for housekeeping services, cleaners, the repairman is looking for housekeeping services, moving company, air conditioning repair, care of the elderly are housekeeping service. Beijing, a professional intermediary companies estimate that only one of Beijing’s home market is a market value of about 80000000000.

can also refer to the United States just listed domestic brother covering 5 million 200 thousand families, with 4 million 500 thousand nursing staff. Currently, the company’s market capitalization of more than 500 million u.s..

at present, the mobile phone Taobao only opened the more than and 10 service providers, 70 thousand domestic aunt real name certification settled, the first covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan and other major cities. This scale is only the tip of the iceberg of the existing domestic service market.

Ali cut into the advantages of home O2O what?

mobile phone Taobao O2O in terms of housekeeping, the continuation of Ali has always been the platform ideas, namely: open Taobao, Taobao mobile phone platform traffic, cited third party service providers stationed.

compared to Tencent Baidu, Taobao has obvious advantages in terms of cutting home O2O.

is a massive user reserves. Taobao user age, income level is obvious, 25-35 years old, there is a strong economic capacity, independent women, this group of users is precisely the current domestic service market, the main consumer. If it is a domestic service company, will not count on the QQ of those young people under the age of 20 to aunt.

two is a complete evaluation system. There are many new parents two years ago, the surrounding colleagues, we often chat with other aspects of the matter Yuesao, nanny. Finally, who is directly introduced to Yuesao, a nanny, or who is good, please the nanny help from fellow.

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