Far Fung Group rural electricity supplier development has three major problems

for a long time, because the rural market is fragmented, unable to form a scale, it is difficult to effectively penetrate the traditional physical network, which led directly to the rural market looks great, is actually unable to start.

with the emergence and development of the rural electricity supplier, the decentralized management and long tail market with solutions in many places is the rural electricity supplier as the county’s economic development an important engine and to achieve an important starting point for precise poverty alleviation.

according to iResearch predicted that in 2016 the total online shopping market in rural areas will exceed 460 billion yuan.

it was predicted that the rural electricity supplier market space should be in the scale of one hundred thousand.

it includes a series of links such as agricultural means of production, sales of agricultural products and the consumption of industrial products. Among them, only the market size of agricultural products sales of more than five trillion.

Ministry of Commerce and information technology division deputy inspector Liu Decheng said, the current total of more than 30 thousand agriculture related websites, the electronic commerce website has more than 3 thousand rural areas, 2015 online shopping turnover reached 353 billion yuan, an increase of 96%, agricultural products online retail sales of 150 billion 500 million yuan, the development of rural users of 56 million 590 thousand people, the new shop 118 10000.

rural electricity supplier market is huge, but faced with three major problems: agricultural operation small and scattered, rural logistics network is not perfect and lack of rural electricity supplier talent.

, which is the key to restricting the development of rural electricity supplier logistics, logistics problems can not be solved well, it can not effectively promote the electricity supplier sink to the countryside.

The construction of

now the government and enterprises have been vigorously promoting rural logistics, but the layout of rural logistics network is not only the development of "express" so simple, it needs to solve two aspects of agricultural products and industrial products upside down the problem.

and China’s rural electricity supplier, is still in its initial stage, and the future of the market will be more and more space.

however, the rural electricity supplier market has great potential, does not represent this road smoothly.

but who mastered the initiative, who mastered the future".

rapid iteration of innovative technologies, the rise of emerging industries. In recent years, the innovation of technology and business model Chinese in Internet and mobile internet field, accompanied by the country Internet plus strategy gradually thorough, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in the steady pace.

and the development of rural electricity providers believe that will be the case, and far Fung will have been on the road to support the development of rural electricity providers.

far Fung rural electricity supplier solutions rely on multi-user Mall (B2B2C) system, /POP model to support self merchants settled in the rapid expansion of industrial and agricultural products category, while relying on the system to guide the orders, online orders from mentioning stores, cash on delivery and other special services to meet the shopping needs of farmers, is open.

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