Electricity supplier of the new blue ocean rural spring light infinite good

sent a micro-blog yesterday: [blue ocean electricity market in the rural business environment now] a piece of the Red Sea, I think in the current differentiated business opportunities? In fact, rural product is a big blue ocean, if the electricity supplier docking, it can create a blue ocean market, go to the countryside do I think that business is a trend, the development of "virgin land" feel good! Do you think of


this blog one, flooding, received many dissenting opinions and views, so I think it is necessary to write a short essay to express my point of view, this article is pure Hu spray version, I think which wrote which, after all, if you go to the countryside to do business, I also considered to the agriculture policy do contribution, if in the village crazy, I am even more happy, less of a strong competitor.

some time ago with a friend, a friend told me he saw a show on TV, three Taobao sellers, a selling women’s, a Menswear, a rural snack, one last year in Taobao’s sales to reach one hundred million, let you guess which to sell? Surprising is that it was selling snacks to the one hundred million, and is a local specialty of soil is very common. I just want to let you sell "Qiaqia paw", "ice breaking tea", "old godmother", "chicken washing powder" these can sell one hundred million? Obviously not, these are very mature products, which can be bought in the supermarket, they put the whole Internet is obviously inadvisable.


is the reason why the rural electricity supplier practitioners and entrepreneurs of the next Blue Ocean battlefield, there are not a few immature ideas to share with you:

differentiation, market segments is a new growth point of electricity supplier

you are experts, I will not explain. Now the integrated B2C and vertical type of B2C to do the basic has been developed almost, and ultimately nothing more than competitors than anyone who can live more than one day, who can kill the boss who do the mentally handicapped. So want to do electricity supplier and business friends, differentiation and market segments is a new breakthrough point, the Chinese people, more land, more counties, each place has some local characteristics of agricultural and sideline products. If discovered, earn a little money is no problem, of course, if you want to discuss what size, and I earn a lot of money like here, so sorry to disappoint you, I have not such a high level and level, just do a little business, from the perspective of his family.

sell what do not sell products, only sell feelings

do not pull pull all the brand, brand pull that I made, I can not bear, not a bird by the stimulus. Why only sell feelings? It’s feeling not worth the money, money I have feelings who and who, but the farmers are still heavy feelings, they do not think that feelings can only be a standard tide brand city people’s label.


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