Pat micro shop will become Ali’s nightmare

    Wen / Zhuang Shuai

Now the

C2C platform, it can be said that Taobao has dominated the monopoly market share, but this does not mean that the industry norms and mature, fake, fake goods, scalper, and so on the terms of overlord for businesses and consumers interests are potential threats, and even these "business sin" are becoming more become aggravated, let things drift, no substantive norms of behavior control. The old horse say they want to build a "new commercial civilization", but after the successful listing to Chinese business very big encouragement, we see the "civilization" is indeed not much.

Since the

the second pat Network incorporated from early July to Jingdong and independent development platform, from the rules, flow distribution system, resources and other aspects although there is no direct war with Taobao, but is always in the position of tit for tat. Especially in the recent fiery pat micro shop, a low-key beta strong launch, is on Taobao’s first "open" attitude, and the Tencent and the Jingdong do pat out endorsement signs, with a natural three absolute advantage.

first, the restructuring of the flow distribution system does not profit. The C2C mode does not form a benign format is the most direct expression of the seller does not make money, high operation cost, the mainstream search ranked bidding so that the seller burden is very heavy, and pat to abandon this model, along the flow distribution for sellers is absolutely good.

here to mention caitaiqicu slightly two owner Tencent, Jingdong and pat as a strategic core part of the degree of attention, or reconstruction can only pat into empty flow. From the starting line, pat micro shop and PC synchronous operation mode in the drainage shows outstanding advantage on the PC side, the huge traffic entrance pat Tencent, Jingdong, low price and 1:1 advertising subsidies, direct sellers reduce operating costs. While the mobile terminal than previously independent operators WeChat micro shop, pat, Jingdong, QQ, WeChat and many other channels flow supply, through the two-dimensional code guide, home location recommendation and promotions from all channels directly into steady flow, and also can be micro shop link sharing hand Q, micro group, micro-blog, forums and other network channels, can be said to form the closed loop flow.

two, the construction of trust between consumers and consumers. The problem of fake frequent online shopping experience in the consumer’s heart has been buried very deep shadows, asked about online shopping concerns, it can be said that the ten nine of the answer is the product of the copycat, inferior, run monk temple to avoid the risk of buying a fake, electricity supplier in the field is ineffective. Previously, the Tencent micro shop business model is the first payment, after receiving the goods, although the main purpose is to ensure that the interests of business, but consumers should first natural trust in businesses, this is counterintuitive, and in fake market environment. The pat Network mobile terminal micro shop and the PC side of the shop a key to open up to support cash on delivery, plus Tencent, Jingdong back >

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