Ya Tang electricity supplier double 12 home online shopping special surprise

November 2016 in the "north south snow, dew waist" days, quietly coming to an end, but on the recent past business at the double eleven online shopping Carnival lingering sound, business / frequent, dazzling discounts seckill dropping consumers are staying up late, grab seize every coupon preferential opportunity this year eleven the total turnover of over 100 billion new high electricity supplier, a few years from the electricity supplier constantly refresh the turnover, online shopping, the limelight is definitely the climax.

in the upcoming December, Ya Tang Home Furnishing also launched its own Ya Tang "shuangshier" Shopping Festival, this is in line with the electricity supplier development trend and a meet consumer demand. It is reported that ya Tang twelve Home Furnishing online shopping festival will be held from December 1, 2016 to 12, offers a number of activities carried out during the period, mainly in the Home Furnishing activities online shopping, limited coupon and VIP membership payment, and send new gift for new registered users during the event to focus on WeChat or micro-blog Ya Tang of the new and old customers and reward coupons.

Ya Tang Home Furnishing as domestic Home Furnishing industry vertical business platform leader, the first furniture industry chain and the supply chain finance communion mode, which constructs the whole closed-loop furniture industry chain, has become the new benchmark for China furniture industry. Especially online with ya Tang Home Furnishing store experience, let you know before online shopping, and supporting the station transport logistics distribution service network of its own. Ya Tang Home Furnishing and furniture manufacturers, brands, distributors and other service providers together, convenient for millions of consumers to provide high quality products Home Furnishing, as a professional achievement worthy of the name B2C Home Furnishing brand business.


Ya Tang Home Furnishing Home Furnishing is a professional electricity supplier, it held twelve Home Furnishing Festival Double eleven Taobao online shopping and other electricity providers have great differences with advantages, first in scope and precision, Home Furnishing Home Furnishing Ya Tang focus on products and services, and other electricity providers in the pursuit of large and different, but the plough Home Furnishing market. So in the professional and dedicated advantages which other electricity providers can not match. At the same time, because of its focus on Home Furnishing industry, Home Furnishing category has a wider and more comprehensive, consumers in other platforms can not find the goods bitter can be easily found here, and guaranteed authentic licensed.

in service to ensure product quality and customer service pre-sales, has long been the largest short board online shopping Home Furnishing demand is the lack of user experience, after all, big volume, heavy furniture, for customer service and experience requirements, the selection of materials, engineering, design style, beautiful and durable, often need to personally contact person try to feel, so ya Tang to the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Chongqing, four ring Bohai economic circle, in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Guangdong, nearly 30 provinces and cities set up line "furniture museum", by the end of 2015 the total construction more than 100 to consumers the tangible in shopping security and exquisite service.


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