Look at how the food e commerce website profit

Forecast China online shopping market trends 2007-2011 report "data and research show that

according to iResearch launched" at this stage, C2C shopping market is still the main power network shopping market growth, but the research iResearch expects that with the development of B2C platform, traditional retailers online sales business with more and more attention the online retail website, after a period of exploration has been basically across technical and operational barriers, will drive the B2C market started the explosive growth in 2009. With the gradual increase in the share of the B2C shopping market, iResearch consulting is expected to increase the proportion of B2C e-commerce will rise from 7.7% in 2007 to $31% in 2011.

The trend of

in the development of the industry, in August 2008, over more than half a century old central enterprises COFCO group’s China only a professional food B2C website "I buy network" officially launched operations, marked COFCO has opened up a new strategy to complete in early 2009 Changning COFCO chairman Ning Gao the proposed "to build the whole industry chain food giant" goals and ideas.

I buy one of the factors of profitability: Based on the market, the target clear

is the largest Chinese COFCO oils and Foodstuffs Import and Export Corporation and the strength of the food manufacturers, it can be said after more than half a century, COFCO’s achievements is very brilliant, in the era of electronic commerce, COFCO will catch up with the trend.

The first attempt to B2C

food business, has become one of the few to have their own vertical sales platform in the world top 500 enterprises. COFCO’s food industry chain length, and variety, which is to create a good foundation for "I buy network" the establishment and operation of. Currently, in the field of grain and oil food, I buy network is the first and only a large-scale professional B2C food web site.

now, I bought the network operated by COFCO innovation Food Co. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of cofco. When I buy online, the registered capital of the company has expanded to 1 hundred million. At the operational level, the innovation in the management of food COFCO COFCO innovation and brand management. The task is to make innovation of food grain has obvious breakthrough in the food and beverage FMCG business, one of the focal point is the innovation application of e-commerce breakthrough in food.

in strengthening the construction of the management team at the same time, I bought the web site has also been rapid expansion and improvement. I bought the network gathered leisure food, grain and oil, brewing products, biscuits and cakes, baby food, dairy products, fruit juice, wine, tea, health food, condiment, dry cargo and breakfast food etc. categories of food, the main sales products include the Great Wall, Wine Kinde, LOHAS, chocolate under the rice COFCO’s products, provides a wide range of choice for consumers.

I bought two of the factors of profitability: the advantages of strong, moving customers

I buy the net no matter in the enterprise sound >

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